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Information on the fictional cultures and civilizations in the Star Trek universe is affected by United States copyright law, its Fair Use clause, and the possibilities of plagiarism. However, easy access to such information is of invaluable assistance to members of UFS to enhance roleplay. UFS Academy provides this information through its wide range of classes.

Therefore, the UFSA Curriculum Development Department is providing these guidelines for the use of writers who would like to submit classes to be taught at UFS Academy. There also exists an Academy class called UFSA Class Author's Guide which covers some of the topic here in greater detail. Successful completion of this class ahould be achieved before you submit a class to the Academy.

Based on its copyright status, there are four different categories of resource material:


Appeared, featured, or in any way referred to in one or more episode(s) and/or motion picture(s) of Star Trek and its various live-action television and film incarnations. This material is copyrighted by Paramount Pictures.


Appeared, featured, or in any way referred to in media other than live-action television or film, including but not limited to novels, comic books, unofficial guides or encyclopedias of or for the Star Trek universe. Parts of this material is copyrighted by Paramount Pictures; the remainder is copyrighted by various other entities who have obtained permission to use said copyrighted material.


Appeared, featured, or in any way referred to in any copyrighted material pertaining to a non-Star Trek universe (i.e., Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, etc.)


Material which has never been mentioned in any incarnation of any copyrighted material in any media and is the sole creation of the author. Most non-canon Star Trek fan-fiction found on the internet falls into this category.

Please note that in submitting a class to UFS Academy for inclusion in its curriculum, you are acknowledging that you have read the copyright guidelines, understand them, and accept them. Please remember that the ultimate responsibility for compliance with any applicable United States copyright law lies with you the author, and neither UFS, nor UFSA may be held liable for copyright infringement of any kind.