Red Sun Rising

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"A mudbath for the soul"
General Data
*SIM Type: Cross-Region Roleplay
*Production number: UFS-RP004
*Initiated: 100213
*Ended: 100316
*Year: 2385
*Aliens: Unknown
*Forum Thread: Red Sun Rising
*Previous Mission: Are You My Neighbor?
*Next Mission: The Snakeman
*SIM Concept: Jadia Triellis
*Historian: T'Rennek Yuitza

The USS Yurei suffers an unprovoked attack from a mysterious flotilla heading directly for the Pinastri Star System. Its not long before before all hell breaks loose.



It had been the best of times, but that was before....before the arrival of that vessel, that flotilla. We're still retreating, to regroup, however the prognosis, the...anticipation of what may occur is not good. We were several lightyears out, around Grid 008, surveying the area. It was then we ran into them. A flotilla, heavily armed, and on a path to Pinastri Sector.

We attempted to hail them to no avail and as they started to open fire, we went to warp, a speed they did not seem able to accomplish as no pursuit came. We're on a course back to Pinastri at high warp. At the speed they are moving and direction, we anticipate they will arrive in orbit of Pinastri 4 in two weeks, thus we must get prepared...for...something. I leave it up to you Commander, however I recommend we start getting prepared.

In Service,

Captain Anjohl Lapin,

USS Yurei NCC-62004

After receiving intelligence from the USS Yurei indicating an attack to take place soon within the Pinastri System, Command sent Intelligence agents out to investigate. In the meantime UFS Command had to conclude that they were headed here. Until intelligence reports came in it was difficult to nail down a specific area that they would attack, if indeed they did decide to attack at all.


Initial Intelligence reports soon came in and confirmed the fears of Captain Anjohl. On stardate 100228 a mixed crew of Academy cadets and the UFS Corps of Engineers set out on a covert fact finding mission aboard the recently reconfigured USS Goddard. As this mission was deemed classified, a cover story of an Academy survey mission to a local planet was adopted.

The mission was a success and whilst no invasive scanning took place, the Goddard's newly configured sensors did capture a lot of useful information through intense passive scans. LTCMDR Mistwallow reported that the flotilla consisted of 8 ships... 2 Dreadnaught class equivalents, 1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers and 3 Destroyers. Weapons and propulsion systems could not be identified, however all ships continued to move at impulse speed and no warp signatures of any kind were detected.

UFS command placed fleets 1 through 4 on heightened alert in their respective patrol zones. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Fleets were ordered specifically to establish a perimeter around the system and engage the alien flotilla when they came in. The 1st Fleet was to sit back as the last line of defence in the system.

On stardate 100212 the 2nd and 3rd engaged the alien flotilla. The 2nd Fleet engaged head on, whilst the 3rd Fleet completed a flanking manouver. When engaged however, the enemy deployed and used a type of galicite based torpedo that had energy dampening properties. This resulted in the majority of 2nd fleet ships being disabled almost immediatly and left the flanking 3rd fleet outnumbered.

At this point, the 4th Fleet under the command of Captain M'Rosa Meril and its flagship USS Luranza encountered the enemy. The USS Sheppard destroyed an enemy dreadnought by use of a dekyon beam which ignited the galicite deposits in the enemies torpedoes causing them to explode. Skirmishes continued and another enemy ship was taken out. No UFS ships were lost, however the USS Luranza and others sustained heavy damage and Captain Meril was badly injured. Commander Dwi of the USS Sheppard temporarily took command of the 4th Fleet.

The following day the remaining four alien vessels reached the outer edges of the Pinastri System in a last ditch attempt to reach Pinastri Prime. There were skirmishes at both SS Alexandria and the Cascadia Shipyards but they finally reached SS Athena where they focussed their final assault. Despite the best efforts of SFC, some reached the station laying sige to it and subsequently boarding it. How they bypassed station defences is yet to be determined. Several communications failures occurred, undoubtedly due to sabotage on the part of the aliens.

The Marines handled most of the firefight on the station, as Athena's own security forces were spread thin. The USS Caracas was docked for refit, so much of its crew were able to assist on Athena. There were casualties on both sides, with the Marines managing to take several of the enemy captive. Unfortunately, the aliens managed to breach some computer systems and retrieve some classified intelligence information.

The arrival on scene of the USS Sheppard turned the tide as the enemy turned a swift retreat. Before long, however reports came in from SS Tranquility that three frigates followed by three cruisers had just 'appeared' and taken position around the station. They got into weapons range, but then stopped. All was quiet, all hails failed to get a response but the ships were scanned. At that point, all 6 opened fire simultaniously on Tranquility. Their shields took a pounding in the ensuing firefight, and several key control panels and EPS relays were lost.

Tranquility stood firm and was able to hold its own, though Operations and several other decks sustained heavy damage. Eventually the ships vanished as quickly as they appeared.

Interrogation of prisoners held at Athena is underway to establish who they are and why they attacked.


Fleet Damage Report - 100212

USS Sheppard Mission Logs

SS Tranquility Commander's Report

SS Cascadia Chief Engineer's Report

Recorded Logs

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