Quantum Torpedo

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Quantum Torpedo1.jpg

Primary Function

The quantum torpedo is a tactical quantum weapon developed to counter the Borg and Dominion threat in 2371. As the photon torpedo reached what many Starfleet researchers agreed was its highest possible explosive yield, a group of engineers at the Starfleet R&D facility on Groombridge 273-2A began investigating methods for achieving a higher release of energy from a projectile of equal dimensions to the photon torpedo. It utilized a plasma warhead, deployed aboard starships with an effective range of approximately 8 million kilometres or 0.05 AU


  • Size:
    • Varies dependent on launcher type


  • Offensive:
    • Minimum of 150 isotons (Dependant on Class)
  • Defensive:
    • The quantum torpedo uses a thoron web to block countermeasure radiation.
    • Subspace detonator used for abort detination of torpedo after launch


  • Propulsion system of the quantum torpedo is a warp sustainer engine and four microfusion thrusters, controlled by a bio-neural gel processor for flight control. The engine coils of the warp sustainer grab and hold a hand-off warp field from the torpedo launcher tube's sequential field induction coils. A miniature matter/antimatter fuel cell adds power to the hand-off field. When launched in warp flight, torpedo will continue to travel at warp, when launched at sublight, torpedo will travel at a high sublight speed, but will not cross the warp threshold.

Other Use

  • Torpedo's can be converted for a variety of scientific uses.
  • Torpedo casings can be used to place dead crew members in for berial