Purple Heart

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Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Purple Heart
Awarded by UF Starfleet Command
*Award Type: Ribbon and medal
*Eligibility: UF Starfleet members
*Awarded For: wounded or killed in action
*Combat/Non-Combat: combat
*Status: Inactive
*Honor: Top Honor
*Period: Yearly



Presented to UF Starfleet members who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty, be it military, civil service, or even the duty of being a good samaritan (in Reallife). This award is also awarded posthumously to the next of kin of personnel killed in action, or who died of wounds received in action.

For the purposes of this award, severe wounds are defined as wounds that kill (even if the crewmember is ultimately revived) or wounds that cause some degree of lifelong consequences not repairable by Federation medical science.

This medal can only be issued once (no clustering available)


Notable Recipients