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" Pixieum "
General Data
*Home System: [Andolis Axis System
*Home Planet: Pixiera 3
*First Contact: 2170
*First Contact By: USS Pioneer (NCC- 63)
*Faction: 2 known, 1 Solitary and 1 Social
*Government: n/a
*Violence: calm, passive and generally non-violent, however very aware of self preservation.
*Primary Language: regionally indignant sub-tongue
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: none
*Scientific Family: none
*Scientific Order: none
*Skin: varied
*Hair: varied
*Eyes: varied by mood
*Auditive: Auditory and limited telekinetic communication
*Emphatic: none
*Telepatic: Limited
*Intelligence: Varied from medium to high order of intelligence
*Genders: 3 known - male, female, (Herm or Asexual)
Other Information


The collective race known as "Pixieum",, are indigenous to the Class M planet "Pixiera 3" in the Andolis Axis Star system in the Beta Quadrant. They are a peacefully advanced industrial culture with the beginnings of exploratory intra-planetary space flight. They are humanoid in appearance of slightly smaller stature than Humans. Physically they resemble creatures of Earth mythology known as Elves or Faeries,, with well defined pointed ears and membrane wings giving them limited short range flight capabilities. They normally keep these tucked away and do not use them often, not much beyond a recreational basis. Their skin and eye pigments vary according to their mood at a given time. Their culture, society and technology is very similar to Earth circa: 22nd Century. Some believe they are an offshoot of the now extinct Kvaran race who had warp drive capabilities, were known to travel with in this part of the galaxy and bare many of the same physical attributes and characteristics. Certain aspects of Pixieum archaeological and pre-history recordings would bare that theory out.

Timeline and History

The Pixieum civilization is thought to be some several thousand Earth years old. Their society is broken between two beliefs of either evolutionary basis, or a pre-historical colonization by species unknown, however their own archaeological studies show their written and oral histories go back only 3200 to 3700 years. Having progressed from a small primitive societal culture to an advanced industrial race in just over 2700 years. The majority of the entire 150 million inhabitants live in a planetary belt of approximately 4 to 5 thousand miles north and south of the equator. The habitable area consists of 73% arable land and 27% open water. The remainder of the planet is un-inhabitable for either geophysical or meteorological reasons with the poles being in a perpetual frozen state of less than 120* below zero.

Their origins are less clear in their folklore, being variously noted as either angelic or some form of demon, normally a species completely independent of each other. After extensive research and correlation in modern times, Pixieum are thought to possibly be off-shoots of the now extinct Kvaran Race (Sector 011F) which had warp drive exploration capabilities. Although the Kvaran's left no known records of their contacts it is assumed they traveled as far as the Andolis Star System. Theoretically speaking, the first "Pixieum" may have been travelers/explorer's that were Kvaran's either stranded or choosing to remain on the planet during the beginning of it's early and pre-historical recording. Their appearance, abilities and attributes would tend to be seen as superior or in some cases mystical, supernatural or meta-physical to their primitive indigenous populations at that time and recorded as such. Many of their early cultures put high stock and in some societies even worshiping what they called, "Sky-beings" or "Cloud People", (by Earth standards,,aka,,, "Gods or Goddess's") and other related entities. This theory seems to be generally accepted as valid by their modern academia. Extremely little was recorded beyond generational word of mouth prior to their developing written languages.

After first contact and acceptance to the Federation, Human civilian teams were dispatched to further study and also assist the Pixieum in archaeological and academic endeavors. Many team members choose to stay after their tour of duty was over. Having integrated into their society, the human population now consist of over 12,300.

Culture and Society

Generally speaking, Pixieum are individually independent, intelligent and outgoing creatures. Their societies range by regional land mass from clannish to monarchy to democratic.They live in small to medium sized yet advanced communities. The communities range from agricultural to industrial. They have a single diplomatic Representative corp. that meet once every 2 years for planetary mediation. Short of clan or family based differences and interactions, they are a non-violent race that do not war or prey amongst themselves. Crime is virtually non-existent. They have no known organized religions although they do have several sects dedicated to different self disciplines and choose to live in a more solitary basis. They have a refined and mutually beneficial commerce/economy and an industrial trade system.


Pixieum are humanoid oxygen breathing creatures resembling Humans in appearances however they are generally slightly smaller in stature. They do have a half-again longer life span on average than Humans. They possess basically the same internal organs as humans with the exception of specialized inner ear organs which function similarly to gyroscopes to assist in balancing when they use their flight capabilities. They have chameleon-like tendencies to alter their skin and eye color tones slightly according to their mood or psychological state. They possess membrane-type wings that they can unfurl or furl at will. These wings give them low speed, low level flight capabilities which healthy Pixieum can maintain for up to several hours. More intensive physiological studies are forth coming as they are very secretive and private amongst their own species. They do have their own advanced medical understanding of their species.