Pinastri III

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Pinastri III.JPG.
Pinastri III
General Data
*Class: Class N (Reducing)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Pinastri Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Pinastri Star System
*Species of Note:None
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation Starfleet
Pinastri III is an uninhabited Reducing planet

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class N
  • distance from sun: 1.15 AU
  • diameter: 30000 km
  • gravity: 0.9
  • atmosphere: thin, oxygen/nitrogen/carbon dioxide/methane and 12 trace gases
  • weather system: cloud covers and dust storms. lighting storms on occasion.
  • temp: -10C to 70C
  • surface: 10% water, 90% landmass, steppes, barren plains, rocky steppes, lakes near the polar caps.
  • lifeforms: single cell lifeforms near the equator
  • tech. level: none
  • specials: none


History of planet


The planet's surface temperature is high due to the greenhouse effect, and water exisits only as vapour. The planet has an extremely dense atmosphere




Single-cell lifeforms exist near the equator