Phaser Type I

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Phaser Type I.jpg

A type-1 phaser is the smallest, most basic weapon carried by Starfleet and other Federation personnel. Type-1 phasers are typically carried when it would be inappropriate to carry a larger weapon, such as on diplomatic missions, or "undercover" work.

The type-1 has eight adjustable settings, ranging from stun to heat through disruption to disintegration. The 23rd century type-1 in use in the 2260s incorporated a small flip-up sight and was fired by a trigger on the bottom front of the unit. Several versions of the type-2 phaser incorporated a type-1 phaser into their design.

A 23rd century type-1 phaser did not possess sufficient power to harm a silicon-based lifeform such as a Horta. 24th century type-1s could be programmed to fire automatically at set intervals.