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Biographical information Photo
Name: Ulrich Bechir (Male) Date of Birth (Age): January 21, 2354 (33 years spent in stasis) (68 (Physically 35)) BechirUlrich.jpg
Species: Bolian Place of Birth: Bolarus IX
Nationality: United Federation of Planets/Bolian Ethnic Origin: Bolian
Languages: Bolian, Federation Standard, Kazon, Klingese Religion: Bolian Spirialism
Physical information
Height: 1.9m Weight: 84kg
Hair: None Eyes: Grey
Blood type: Cobalt Based, highly acidic Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: Bechir is physically younger than his age due to transporter stasis. Some resistance to telepathy/empathy due to common species trait (bifurcated brain)
Other Identifying marks/Features: bifurcating cartilagionous ridge running vertically along the center of the head and face, and partway down the chest
Maritial Status: Single Spouse N/A
Children N/A Mother Tala
Father Pov Siblings Posla
Starfleet Records
Rank: Captain Position: Commanding Officer, Branch Commander - Intelligence
Current Assignment: USS Shogun-A Branch: UF Starfleet Command
Sector: 001 Service Number: UB2221
Status: Active
Ulrich Bechir was born on Bolarius IX in 2354 to loving parents and artistic parents.His mother Ta’la was a painter and his father, Pov, a well known stage actor. While Bechir’s older brother Posla was following in his parent’s footsteps. Bechir was the only one of his family who did not share the strong artistic desires and talents of his family, only having a minor ability in music. Upon testing it was realized that Bechir was a left brain dominant Bolian and therefore more suited to service based pursuits that are analytical and methodical. As time went on, while Bechir showed creativity in more analytical pursuits, these aptitudes only heightened. Bechir does, however, still enjoy playing the piano regularly and often does so when feeling especially stressed or concerned.

Bechir entered Starfleet as a Cadet in 2372, eventually entering the Operations Division in Communication and studying under great instructors such as Zed Drebin, Kinney Randt, Kermie Mistwallow, and Jadia Triellis. Upon exit he joined Communications and worked as a reporter for a short period of time with the United Federation Starfleet News Network. During this time he also took Operations and Communications shifts on Tranquility station regularly while working simulator training in the Academy where he was quickly named Vice Dean of Command and Operations. Bechir was named Vice Chief of Operations at Tranquility Station until he was given command of the newly minted USS Shogun only a few months later. The ship was designed for and tasked with exploring deep space around Pinastri, to boldly go where no Starfleet vessel had gone before.

Bechir officially commanded USS Shogun from December 20, 2383 until June 30, 2388 and recorded twenty-four first contact missions. On June 30, 2388 the Hirogen attacked Pinastri at roughly the same time a spacial phenomena was forming. The repeated use of quantum torpedo technology in space heightened the affected of the localized anomaly and flung Shogun, two other ships, and a station far away from Pinastri. Calculations set the time of return at almost a hundred years at warp eight. The remnants of UFS began to set up an outpost in their area while exploration was carried out. Bechir and his crew set about returning to Pinastri, dropping communications buoys along the way, knowing that it would be unlikely they would return in most of their lifetimes. Ways to shorten the journey were looked for, but Shogun was harassed along the way by several aggressive species, including the Borg and the Kradin. It was during this time that the sect of the Kradin essentially wiped out the Vori and attacked Shogun, killing several crew members and taking their corpses as nesting places for Kradin hatchlings.

On February 24, 2389 Bechir was snatched by the Borg and they attempted assimilation. It was only through the efforts of SVAndrei Baxton and Fargus Skytower that Bechir remained cut off from the Collective and only partially assimilated. A few months later, upon investigating a planet littered with Borg corpses that the biological components seemed to have melted while the electronic exploded, Bechir contracted a virus that would be dangerous to his crew. Doctor Skytower and Chief Engineer Baxton were both stymied as to a way to cure the affliction, and Baxton and Bechir agreed that the only way to ensure the safety of the crew was for Bechir to leave Shogun. Skytower protested vociferously but in the end Bechir left the crew on his captain’s yacht with the crew wishing him well and hoping they could pick him up in the near future.

Soon after he left Shogun, Bechir noticed the rapid advancement of his illness and set about reprogramming his transporter system. With the aid of his Borg implants, he was able to construct a matrix that would isolate and remove both the virus from his system and his Borg implants, returning him, more or less, to purely Bolian. At the time he believed that the entire process would only take a “a few weeks” and then he could signal and rejoin his crew. Bechir placed an Emergency Command Hologram with the task of piloting the ship, keeping it safe, and finding a faster route back to Pinastri and then placed himself in the Transporter Buffer. Instead of taking only “a few weeks or months” the process took just over seven years with Bechir exiting stasis on stardate 220118. From that point, Bechir worked to find his way back to Federation space, encountering the USS Veracruz on Stardate 220525.

After being brought aboard USS Veracruz, Bechir was discovered to be clean of Borg technology and the killer virus. At this point Bechir discovered that Shogun and its crew had never been found. Using his analytical and methodical nature, Bechir updated his Starfleet Academy courses and took the position of Intelligence Officer onboard USS Veracruz where he hopes to protect its current crew from the same dangers that befell USS Shogun, while searching for his missing friends from USS Shogun.

From the USS Veracruz, Bechir transferred to USS Atlas shortly after the ship’s commission in 220924, working with Captain Drewski Northman. There he worked as the ship’s main Intelligence Officer. This work was intensified when he was made the Branch Commander of Starfleet Intelligence in 221011. Bechir worked to create a guide outlining the job of an Intelligence Officer in UFS, as well as a comprehensive report on the main Kazon tribes. While researching this Bechir learned the main dialect of the Kazon language. In 221201 it was announced that a new USS Shogun was being built as a Gagarin Class ship and that Bechir, newly promoted to Captain, would be responsible for a ship of that name once again.

Set to launch in 230205, the new USS Shogun will patrol close to Pinastri for three months to ensure Bechir is ready, once again, to take up command.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Returned to service: 220519
  • Order of Aether: 220730
  • Order of Betazed - 3rd Class: 221119
  • Order of Gaia: 230429
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to UF Starfleet: 080730
  • Protocols & Procedures: 080728
  • UFS Ethics: 080728
  • Command Protocols: 090329
  • New Member Entrance Exam 220520
  • New Member Orientation 220520
  • Introduction to UFS Academy 220525
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide 220525
  • Promotions and Awards 220525
  • The Administrative Operative 220624
  • How May I Help You? 220624
  • Intro to UFS Computer Operations 220624
  • Bridge Duty Stations 220624
  • Courtesy and Conduct 220703
  • Chain of Command 220703
  • Protocols and Procedures 220703
  • General Order No1: The Prime Directive 220904
  • Effective Delegation 230111
  • Interpersonal Communication 230111
  • Introduction to Leadership 230111
  • Morality of Command 230111
  • The Centre Seat 230111
  • The First Officer 230111
  • Interplanetary Culture Shock I 230111
  • Interplanetary Culture Shock II 230111
  • Introduction to Diplomacy 230111
  • UFS Ethics 230111
  • Orders and Directives 230111
  • PSI - Instructor Training 230123
  • Introduction to Holodecks 230201
  • Intro to Operations: 081015
  • Introduction to Communications Division: 080804
  • Interpersonal Communications: 080819
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 080731, 080802, 080804, 080810, 080814
  • Environmental Systems 220522
  • Personnel Support Systems 220522
  • Starship Operating Modes 220522
  • Alien Languages 101 220522
  • Personal and Intraship Comms 220522
  • Subspace Communications 220522
  • Flight Controller Theory 220522
  • Flight Control Systems 101 220522
  • Pre-Flight 220522
  • The Conn and Ship Handling 201 220522
  • Introduction to Communications 230117
  • PSI - Pilot Training 230329
  • Transporter Certification: 080814
  • Faster than Light Travel: 080729
  • Advanced Starship Design Bureau 220522
  • Damage Control and Small Craft Engineering 220522
  • Structural and Environmental Engineering 220522
  • Utopia Planitia Fleetyards 220522
  • Computer and Matter-Energy Systems 220522
  • Directed and Field Energy Mechanics 220522
  • EPS Technology 220522
  • The Navigational Deflector 220522
  • Tractor Beams 220523
  • Transporter Tech I: An Introduction 220523
  • Transporter Tech II: Enhancers and Inhibitors 220523
  • Engineer Roles and Responsibilities 220523
  • Introduction to Starfleet Engineering 220523
  • Legends of Engineering 220523
  • Impulse and Main Power Systems 220523
  • Warp Theory and Mechanics 101 220523
  • Transwarp Drive 220523
  • Bussard Ramscoops 220523
  • Planetary Engineering (Terraforming) 220601
  • FTL Travel 230118
  • Transporter Certification 230118
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Intro to UFS Medical: 081226
  • Psychology 101 220529
  • Psychological and Physiological Effects 220529
  • Anatomy 101 220529
  • Physiology DQ Species I 220529
  • Physiology DQ Species II 220529
  • The Cardiovascular System 220529
  • Astronomy 101: 080730
  • Chemistry 101: 080731
  • Philosophy 101: 080802
  • Tricorder Functions 220603
  • Sociology 101 220603
  • Basic Security Training Course: 080730
  • Federation Law 101: 080802
  • Starship Security Systems II: 080813
  • Arrest, Restraint & Detention: 090925
  • SEC 203: Interstellar Law 220523
  • SEC 204: Federation Law 220523
  • SEC 202: Tools of the Trade 220523
  • TACT 201: Defensive Systems 220523
  • TACT 202: Offensive Systems 220523
  • Hand to Hand Combat 220524
  • Starfleet Survival Techniques 220524
  • TACT 101: Tactical Duty Station 220524
  • TACT 203: Tactical Manoeuvres 220524
  • TACT 204: Identifying Threats 220524
  • TACT 205: Tactics and ROE 220524
  • TACT 301: Tactical Station Roleplay 220524
  • Introduction to Starfleet Security 220524
  • SEC 101: Branch History 220524
  • SEC 102: Branch Org and Structure 220524
  • SEC 103: Roles and Responsibilities I 220524
  • SEC 104: Roles and Responsibilities II 220524
  • SEC 201: Standard Operating Procedures 220524
  • Surviving the Cut: Introduction to EOD 220524
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Infiltration 101 220524
  • Interrogation Methods 220524
  • Interrogation Methods II 220524
  • Introduction to Starfleet Intelligence 220525
  • Section 31 220525
  • Tal Shiar I 220525
  • Tal Shiar II 220525
  • The Obsidian Order 220525
  • Infiltration 102: Deep Cover 221204
  • Vulcan 101: 080801
  • Cardassian Union: 080729
  • Bajor 101: 080729
  • The Q Continuum: 080802, 080804
  • Caitain 101: 081230
  • Religion & Belief Systems: 080801
  • Borg 101: 081227
  • Introduction to the UFP: 080730
  • Bolians 220526
  • Argussians 220527
  • Hirogen 101 220527
  • Kazon Collective 220527
  • Q and the Continuum 220527
  • Species 8472 220527
  • Talaxians 220527
  • The Ocampa 220527
  • Vidiian Sodality 220527
  • History of the Drow 220527
  • Orions I: Myths and Legends 220528
  • Orions II: The Syndicate 220528
  • Andorians 220604
  • Breen 101 220604
  • Ferengi Alliance 220604
  • Betazoid 220612
  • Equiner 101 221204
  • Romulan Empire 101 221204
  • Roms I: Planet and Ancient History 230107
  • Roms II: Culture and Beliefs 230107
  • Roms III: Govt, Military, Tal'Shiar 230107
  • Roms IV: The Post Shinzon Era 230107
  • The Maquis: 080804
  • The Klingon History 101:
  • History of UF Starfleet: 080729, 090516
  • History of Starships: 081222
  • Historian's Craft 220601
  • UFS History I: Politics and Pinastri 220703
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
  • UFSMC 100: Yellow Footprints 230123
  • MBT 101 - Intro to UFSMC 230123
  • MBT 102 - Marine History I 230123
  • MBT 103 - Weapons Theory 230123
  • MBT 104: The Will to Survive 230123
  • MBT 105: Bootcamp Jargon 230123
  • Star Trek Universe I 220703
  • Star Trek Universe II 220703
  • The Basics of Roleplay 220703
  • Character Creation 101 220703
  • Storytelling 101 220703
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

United Federation Starfleet Order of the Shining Star Good Conduct Ribbon Combat Service Ribbon 1 Extended Tour Ribbon Legion of Merit Ribbon of Valor Gold Star Lifetime Service Ribbon 1 Year Picard Award UFSA Superintendents Award Medal of Honor Federation Star Distinguished Service Cross Christopher Pike Award Robert April Command Award Christopher Pike Medal of Valor Prestigious Service Award Silver Star Campaign Homecoming.png Citation for Conspicious Gallantry.png SciFiRibbon RFL Ribbon(2 Awards) COCTS Ribbon CGSD_-_Administration_I_Award Executive Action Metaverse Ribbon Greeter Ribbon (MadPea Event) Katheryn Janeway Award Task Force Delphi Ribbon Silver Star Ribbon First Contact Ribbon