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Biographical information Photo
Name: Teresa Firelight (Female) Date of Birth (Age): April 20, 2360 (25) FirelightT.png
Species: Human Place of Birth: San Francisco, Earth
Nationality: Earth/Human Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: English Religion: Christian
Physical information
Height: 1.67 m Weight: 59.0 kg
Hair: Varies Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: None
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Eleanor Firelight
Father David Firelight Siblings Septembeer Firelight (sister)
Starfleet Records
Rank: None Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: None Branch: None
Sector: 001 Service Number: None
Status: Deactivated Account 211015

Teresa is the only child of a very tightly knit family. She was raised in a technophobic and xenophobic community, but sent to public school where she was exposed to modern technology, even though her family doesn’t use it. She grew up in the San Francisco area. She loves her parents dearly but never agreed with their old fashioned ways and is fascinated by space travel and aliens. She wanted to enter Starfleet upon graduating high school but had to wait 8 years before her parents give her their blessings.

Teresa enrolled in the University of San Francisco while trying to convince her parents to allow her to join Starfleet, where she earned a dual degree in sociology and anthropology. But instead of working in either field, she went back to college again and earned a degree in veterinary medicine. Teresa was in the middle of her veterinary internship when her parents finally gave their permission for her to follow her dream to the stars. She enrolled in Starfleet Academy the very next day, said a tearful goodbye to her family and began the long journey to Pinastri.

STARFLEET HISTORY (through Stardate 110128): Teresa graduated the academy and was assigned as an Operations Officer on the USS Sheppard on 100907. Two significant events happened to her during her five month service on the Sheppard.

First, she had an unfortunate reaction to a small amount of Sludge (a potentially genetic sequence altering substance). It resulted in her hair randomly changing color several times a day—and not just human hair colors but ranging through the full color spectrum including blue, green, pink, purple, etc. Her skin tone and eye colors were also altered, but appear normal human in appearance. She went from very pale to an olive complexion, and her eye color went from brown to blue. Teresa has not been in contact with her family since the incident, for fear that they will not understand or accept the physical changes that her body underwent as a result of the DNA-altering substance.

Second, a sentient power source had modified the USS Sheppard's computer to become sentient itself. For some reason, the AI sentient computer formed a bond with Teresa and began to consider itself her “little sister” and a member of the Sheppard crew. A cybernetic body was constructed to serve as a “representation” and point of contact for the Sentient Computer, and it selected the name of “Septembeer Firelight.” This cybernetic representation applied to Starfleet Academy, was accepted and attended as a holographic representation, and graduated as a Starfleet medical officer. For obvious reasons, Septembeer Firelight was assigned to the USS Sheppard, where the compute core resided that housed the majority of its AI. In November of 2385, the computer sacrificed itself in a heroic way to save the Sheppard and her crew from destruction at the hands of the Nabriathians. The sentient computer downloaded the personality subroutines of it's relationship with Teresa and the rest of the crew into the cybernetic body before it was destroyed. While Septembeer is a sentient cybernetic life form, she no longer has the vast knowledge and intelligence of a LCARS system. In fact, she seemed rather lost and helpless and looked to her “big sister” Teresa to take her under her wing and watch out for her. During this process, Teresa has formed a deep emotional bond with the AI Cybernetic life form and now considers Sepembeer to be her little sister.


1. Personality Traits:

Teresa is very people-orientated and it is extremely important to her for others to like her. She is friendly and outgoing, and many people describe her as “bubbly.” She will do almost anything in her power to help someone (even a stranger). Teresa always assumes the best about people until they do something to prove otherwise to her. But once they do prove otherwise to her, it takes quite a bit for her to trust them again. Integrity and courtesy are extremely important to her, and the fastest way to lose Teresa’s respect is to behave unethically, or to conduct oneself in a way that is rude or disrespectful to others. Teresa is always polite and respectful in dealing with others (even when she disagrees with a person or dislikes them).

Teresa is a very old-fashioned girl with old-fashioned Judeo-Christian values. She is very tolerant of others, but remains extremely straight-laced in her own conduct.

Despite her great compassion/empathy for others, she is very much a “follow the rules” and “by the book” type of person. It is next to impossible to get her to intentionally break the rules or to do something she believes is wrong. The exception, of course, is that Teresa would follow a legal direct order from someone in her chain of command even if she disagreed with it--and she would do her best to demonstrate a good attitude while obeying that command.

Because of her unique background, Teresa’s approach to problem solving is often to think back to mid 19th to 21st century technology, issues and events, find something that is similar to the current situation and use it as the basis for a suggestion. For example, when dealing with the Nabraithians, she noticed that they communicate by voice and therefore have some equivalent of eardrums. So she suggested that we might be able to use sound waves against them in a manner similar to old-earth dog repellers of the 20th century.

Teresa is extremely teachable and takes constructive criticism very well…in fact she welcomes it and seeks it out at times. She is very good at applying it to herself and improving her abilities because of it. She tends to do well at most things she tries, and usually has a cheerful and positive outlook.

2. Weaknesses and Character Flaws:

While Teresa has a lot of grace for others, she is very hard on herself and holds herself to near-impossible standards. She was raised to believe that failure is unacceptable (instead of seeing failure as a learning/growth opportunity). She is always a bit afraid of doing something wrong or making a mistake, and tries very hard to avoid that. She seldom notices when she does something well, but is quick to beat herself up when she performs below her own standard of personal excellence.

Teresa is overly concerned about what others think of her. If she believes that someone doesn’t like her, she sort of shuts down around that person…trying to avoid unnecessary interactions with them, and hoping not to “annoy” them. She is aware of the problem and actively working on it, but at times it can effect her ability to perform her duty. For example, the Away Team leader snapped at her during a mission, and it disabled her for close to 15 minutes--she sort of froze and was afraid to do much of anything for a bit. Fortunately she recovered before the mission was over and was able to make a contribution. Teresa is doing her best to actively address that issue.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • UF Starfleet Induction: 100810
  • Resigned 211015 Deactivated Account
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Chain of Command: 100902
  • Starship & Starbase Command: 100819
  • Effective Delegation: 101012
  • Instructor Training: 100902
  • Introduction to Diplomacy: 101018
  • Introduction to Leadership: 100817
  • Introduction to UFS: 100810
  • Introduction to UF Starfleet Academy: 100829
  • Introduction to Command: 100901
  • Introduction to UFS Honor Guard: 101126
  • Orders and Directives: 100812
  • Prime Directive I: 100823
  • Prime Directive II: 100823
  • Protocols & Procedures: 100810
  • UFS Ethics: 100819
  • SIM: Bridge Teamwork: 110329
  • The Enlisted Corps: 110522
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide: 100923
  • Alien Languages 101: 100814
  • Basic Flight: 100830, 101118
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 100813
  • Helmsman Protocols: 100814
  • Interpersonal Communications: 100813
  • Intro to UF Starfleet Starfighter Command: 100905
  • Introduction to UFS Communications: 100902
  • Introduction to Operations: 100921
  • Personal & Intraship Communications: 101010
  • Pre Flight: 100815
  • SIM: Operations Officer Training: 110216
  • Simulator Training: 100819, 100820, 100826, 100902,110920
  • Simulator Training: 100905, 100912, 100916, 100923
  • Simulator Training: 100928, 100930, 101015, 101119
  • Simulator Training: 101214, 110104, 110111, 110112
  • Simulator Training: 110122, 110201, 110308,110624
  • Subspace Communication: 100905
  • Simulator Training: 110405, 110426, 110427
  • Flight Controller Theory:110614
  • SIM Training: 141011
  • Computer and Matter-Energy Systems: 110221
  • EPS Technology: 100830
  • FTL Travel: 100906
  • Introduction to Engineering: 100814
  • Legends of Engineering: 100915
  • Sentient Machines: 101026
  • Transporter Certification: 100820
  • Warp Theory and Mechanics: 110110
  • Workbee Operations I: 101010
  • SIM Training: 110402
  • Directed and Field Energy Mechanics: 110513
  • Structural and Environmental Engineering: 110820
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Medical Tools of the Trade: 100819
  • Introduction to Medical: 100826
  • EMH 101: 101024
  • Amnesia: 100924
  • Basic Medical Care: 100830
  • Cryonics and Stasis Fields: 110126
  • Know your Hypospray: 100830
  • Medical Ethics: 100905
  • Nanotechnology in Medical Science: 100830
  • Psychology 101: 100906
  • Psychological & Physiological Effects of Space Travel on Humans: 100918
  • SIM Training: 110228
  • Space Sickness: 100819
  • Starship Operations: Medical: 100906, 110312
  • SIM Training: 141112
  • Science Practical: Away Team: 141126
  • Science Lab Safety: 160819
  • Astrometric Deck Study: 100824
  • Astronomy 101: 100811
  • Basic Astrophysics: 101103
  • Chemistry 101: 101101
  • Geology 101: 100818
  • Introduction to Biology: 100910
  • Introduction to UFS Science: 100819
  • Metallurgy: 100902
  • Physics 101: 101120
  • SIM: Science Officer Training: 110309
  • Stellar Cartography 101: 100811
  • Mapping the Stars:110628
  • Tactical Practical: 150814
  • Arrest, Restraint & Detention: 100905
  • Federation Law: 100819
  • Intro to UF Starfleet Intelligence: 100811
  • Intro to UF Starfleet Security: 101006
  • Phaser Safety: 100817
  • Phaser Type II Proficiency: 100817
  • Section 31 - Fact or Fiction?: 100917
  • Security Organizations: 100826
  • SIM Training: 110301
  • Starship Security Systems I: 101007
  • Starship Security Systems II: 101110
  • Starship Security Systems III: 110216
  • Tal Shiar I: 101018
  • Tal Shiar II: 101018
  • The Obsidian Order: 100906
  • Introduction to Intelligence: 110217
  • Legends of Starfleet Security: 110322
  • Surviving the Cut: Introduction to EOD: 110504
  • SIM: Intelligence Officer Training: 110504
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
No records on file.  
  • Introduction to the UFP: 100813
  • Romulan Empire 101: 101011
  • Talaxians: 100904
  • The Drow: 100815
  • Q and the Continuum: 110328
  • Vulcan 101: 110404
  • Orions 201: The Orion Syndicate: 110815
  • The Eugenics Wars: 100831
  • History of UFS: 100816, 101108
  • History of UFS II: 100817
  • History of UFS III: 101022
  • The Romulan War: 101004
  • History of Starships II:101122
  • USS Sheppard: Inception to Launch: 110310
  • Temporal History: 110524
  • History of Starships I: 110606
  • Starfleet Origins I: Laying the Foundations: 110608
  • Starfleet Origins II: Out of Many, One: 110608
  • USS Sheppard: Search for the Denmark: 110610
  • USS Sheppard 3: The Nabraithian Threat: 110624
  • The Big E - Part I: 110615
  • The Big E - Part II: 10616
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
  • Intro to UFS Marine Corps: 101008
No Records on file. None.
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

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