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Biographical information Photo
Name: Piper John (Bareil Laren) (Female) Date of Birth (Age): 2355 (30) Piper John.png
Species: Bajoran Place of Birth: Bajor, Dahkur Province
Nationality: Bajoran Ethnic Origin: Bajoran
Languages: Federation Standard English, Bajoran Religion: The Way of the Prophets
Physical information
Height: 172 Weight: 74.9
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue-Grey
Blood type: O- Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Slight nose ridges, Bajoran earring on the right ear as a symbol of Bajoran faith
Maritial Status: Not Specified Spouse Nabuleone Rhode
Children None Mother Classified
Father Classified Siblings Vedek Bareil Antos
Starfleet Records
Rank: Commodore Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: None Branch: None
Born on Bajor. Dahkur Province in 2355. Laren and her brother Antos grew up during the Cardassian Occupation on Bajor. Meanwhile Antos having grown up in the refugee camp in Relliketh, Laren grew up in the Bajoran Singha refugee Camp. At the age of 16 she met Kira Nerys. Laren believe in Kira so she decided to follow her and began like Kira her association with the Bajoran Resistance, ingratiated themself in the base camp of resistance leader Shakaar Edon. But after some months in the camp Laren realized that this was not the right thing for her and she left. Wandering around for some years, always looking for survival, she decided to go back home. But the home she knows when she was a little girl doesn‘t longer exist. She felt lost.

My Brother: BAREIL ANTOS Just before the signing of the Bajoran - Cardassian treaty, Bareil Antos was injured in a plasma explosion on board a Bajoran transport vessel. However, Bareil refused life-saving treatment in order to complete the negotiations since Kai Winn was not experienced enough to handle the Cardassians by herself. Dr. Bashir told him that he should be placed in stasis for an undetermined period of time so his injuries could heal. Bareil insisted that Bashir find another solution, so he could remain conscious to help Winn. Bareil believed it was the Prophets who spared him in the explosion so that he could ensure the success of the peace talks. Bashir, on the orders of Bareil, gave him an experimental drug that let him function for a few days, but endangered his life. The drug did irreversible damage to his organs, but not before he helped Winn finish the negotiations and a peace treaty was finished with the Cardassians. The vedek died shortly after the treaty was signed on Deep Space 9.

The death of my brother, BAREIL ANTOS was the reason why i decided to join United Federation Starfleet as a Medical Officer. I don't wanted that what has happen to my brother, happen to anyone else. And yes i was very angry and sad, that he refused live-saving treatments. But now I understand why he has done that. It was for a good thing. Not for him, but for whole Bajor. WALK WITH THE PROPHETHS.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Joined UF Starfleet Academy: 2379
  • LOA 160201 - 160301
  • Order of Cardassia Prime, 1st Class: 160827
  • Retired 161030
Medical History Reprimands
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Superintendant's AwardLegion of MeritUFSA Excellence RibbonUFSA Award for Academic DistinctionRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardLeonard McCoy MedicalAchievement RibbonDistinguished Medical AwardMedical Cross With ClusterWilliam Ross AwardLifetime Service AwardDistinguished Service CrossLegion of HonorUFSA Award for Academic DistinctionUFSA Superintendents AwardDistinguished Service CrossExecutive Action AwardCommand & General Staff Development Graduate Program - School of TertiusCGSD Honorary AwardFederation StarExecutive Action