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Biographical information Photo
Name: Lucius Thorgrimsson (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 27 September 2372 (50) WylderL.jpg
Species: Human Place of Birth: Heimstod (colony world)
Nationality: North American Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English Religion: Asatru
Physical information
Height: 6' 9" Weight: 189 Kg
Hair: Black Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O- Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Left Occular Implant
Maritial Status: Single Spouse Meletofetofe Isileli Ofa Po 'Uhilamoelongie
Children None Mother Uinise Tukuafu
Father Thorgrim Ivarsson Siblings Wulfric Thorgrimmsson (brother), Astrid Thorgrimmsdóttir (sister)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: SS Athena Branch: UF Starfleet Security
Sector: 001 Service Number: LW1302
Status: Active
In 2365, the USS Enterprise came across two lost colonies that had left Earth back in 2123. One was a science colony which embraced technology. The other were a group of Irish Neo-Transcendentalists who wished to go back to a simpler time before the advent of computers or even of electricity. After filing their report with Starfleet, researchers decided to pour over old records to see if there were any other such colony missions that Earth had forgotten. After several months, they had found multiple colonies. Some were Neo-Transcendentalists like the Bringloidi only of different cultures.

Once found, Starfleet sent out teams to make contact with these lost children of Earth. One ship, the USS Kalani, made contact with the wold of Heimstǫð. A world settled by Scandinavians who had returned to simpler times. It was at this point in 2370 that Lieutenant Uinise Tukuafu met Thorgrim Ivarsson. They were both young but instantly fell for each other and eventually wed in a traditional Heimstodian ceremony. A short time later, Lucius Thorgrimsson was born.

Lucius' mother had taken a leave of absence from Starfleet at the request of her husband. He wished his son to be born on the soil that his father and his father before him had been born on. While they understood space travel and respected it, they still held deep roots to the planet that had become their home. After a time however, his mother returned to the stars. She was an explorer at heart and a pilot. She needed to be out in space while, Thorgrim's obligations kept him at home. He lead a large clan and could not simply leave. And so Lucius grew up on Heimstod but kept in frequent contact with his mother. She took every leave she could to come home and occasionally, his father visited her as the High Jarl had permitted trade and travel with the Federation.

Lucius' education was an interesting mix. On the one hand, his father insisted on a tradition education. He learned the runes, mathematics, and how to use the stars to navigate the seas. He learned to use tools and how to hunt and fish and how to fight with sword, axe, hammer, and spear. On the other hand, his mother wanted to prepare him for the 24th century. A lot had changed in two and a half centuries. As such, she arranged for a teaching hologram to be installed in their home. And due to the fact that Heimstodian culture denoted that all education be shared, his father, with the High Jarl's permission made the teaching hologram available to all of the children of the colony, even inviting some of the break away villages to partake. This caused Lucius' generation to be the most educated members of the colony since the original colonists arrived in the early twenty second century.

As Lucius grew to a young man, he yearned more and more to see the wonders his mother spoke of. He knew that it was his duty to one day inherit his father's lands and title. However he also knew that he did not have to do that immediately. He could invoke an ancient rite of his people. He could go Viking. To go Viking basically meant to explore and 'find himself'. It was ancient and sacred and when he informed his father of his decision to go Viking and join Starfleet, he was pleased to see his father so proud. And so he left Heimstod for Earth to join the Federation Starfleet.

Initially he went for Security. He was commissioned an Ensign and served as base Security at Pinastri for year before switching tracks to be a Marine. Here he excelled far more, joining the Infantry and serving on several ships even rising to Marine Detachment Commander before deciding to change things again. He went back to Earth and enrolled in Flight School and came out a Marine Pilot, He then spent the next seven years as a fighter pilot before deciding that he wanted to see more of the universe and so after nineteen years in the Corps, transferred back to the naval side of things and was reassigned to Starfleet as a Security Officer once more, this time aboard the science ship Maxwell where he would stay for several years before returning to the Marine Corps.

Lucius is qualified as a Marine Infantryman, Marine Fighter Pilot, Starfleet Security Officer, and Starfleet Helm Officer.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Returned to Active Duty: 130107
  • Citation for Excellence in Duty: 230128
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Instructor Training 130628
  • Intro to UFS Academy 170227
  • Intro to UFS Honour Guard 171103
  • Protocols and Procedures 111204
  • Intro to UFS 111204
  • UFS Ethics 200813
  • Chain of Command 200813
  • Bridge Duty Stations 200813
  • Promotions and Awards 210703
  • Courtesy and Conduct 210703
  • The Administrative Operative 210703
  • Interpersonal Communication 210703
  • Intro to Operations 161215
  • Flight Controller Theory 161217
  • Introduction to Communications 210703
  • Introduction to Starfleet Engineering 210703
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Introduction to Starfleet Medical 210703
  • Introduction to Starfleet Science 210703
  • Mapping the Stars 210703
  • Security Organisations 170227
  • SIM: Security Officer Training 111219
  • Intro to Security 111219
  • Phaser Safety 111212
  • History of Law Enforcement 210629
  • SEC 101: Branch History 210705
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Interrogation Methods I 170117
  • Interrogation Methods II 170117
  • Introduction to Starfleet Intelligence 210703
  • Klingon 101: 131004
  • Introduction to Cultural Studies 210703
  • UFS History I 111207
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
  • Intro to UFS Marine Corps 130104
  • Marine History I 130104
No Records on file.  
  • Phaser Type II Proficiency 111219
  • M-47 Laser Pistol Proficiency 160110
  • M-155A2 Assault Rifle 160110
Medical History Educational History
  • Lost left eye in an attack from a bear species native to his planet at the age of 12. Upon entering Starfleet Academy, fitted with an ocular implant.
No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation AwardLifetime Service Award (3 Years)Maggot AwardExtended Tour Ribbon (2 Awards)OCTS RibbonCOCTS RibbonGood Conduct AwardTask Force Tolkien Service RibbonSciFiConv3.pngRed Shirt AwardTask Force Ironforge RibbonFirst Contact Ribbon (3x)Combat Service Ribbon 1 Spartan AwardRFL RibbonTask Force Interphase Service RibbonTarok Campaign RibbonTask Force Gemini RibbonGrankite.pngTask Force Delphi Ribbon

UFS Weapons Proficiency
Marksman Sharpshooter Expert
Phaser Type II Expert
M47 Expert