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Biographical information Photo
Name: Lan Nakajima (Male) Date of Birth (Age): October 23, 2366 (56 (30)) NakajimaLan.jpg
Species: O'Possai Place of Birth: Tycho City, Luna Colony
Nationality: O'Possai Ethnic Origin: Unknown
Languages: H'sengrl (Delphus Common) Federation Standard, Canian Standard, Klingon, Gorn, H Religion: Delphian Agnostic
Physical information
Height: 1.7 m (5'7") Weight: 72.5 kg (160 lbs)
Hair: Grey Eyes: Pink/Blue Gradient
Blood type: O'Possai Type R+ Medical Restrictions: Susceptible to certain forms of low level radiation,
Other Important Medical Information: Cellular Aging Rate Decreased, Ocular Implants, Bio-Neural based Nervous System, Artificial Heart.
Other Identifying marks/Features: Ocular and Facial implants.
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Susan Nakajima
Father Yuichiro Nakajima Siblings Rhys Nakajima
Starfleet Records
Rank: Captain Position: Commanding Officer
Current Assignment: Pinastri Headquarters Branch: Command
Sector: 001 Service Number: 65
Status: Active
Born to renown Starship Architect and Engineer Commodore Yuchiro Nakajima, and Astrophysicist Commander Susan Nakajima, on October 23, 2366, at the Tycho City Medical Center, Tycho City, Luna Colony.

Lan grew up aboard the USS Galaxy, Utopia Planetia Shipyards, Starbase 12 and USS Bellerophon as his mother moved around, and his father remained on Mars performing various duties for Starfleet. 5 years before his birth, his father helped work out the final design stages for the Galaxy Class Starship, earning him a promotion to Commodore for his Engineering skills. He and his wife moved back to Canus IV for several years to relax and try and start a family. In the Summer months of 2366, Susan Nakajima was informed by her physician that she was pregnant, and later on in the fall gave birth to twin boys.

Several months later in 2367, Starfleet suffered catastrophic losses in the Battle at Wolf 359. In response to the possibility of a Borg Invasion, Starfleet called Commodore Nakajima back into service to help with a project initiated 2 years past, The Defiant Development Project. Due to the nature of his work, Commodore Nakajima sent his two young children with his wife, who was stationed aboard the USS Galaxy as an Astrophysicist. The family remained split for several years as the children grew up, Commodore Nakajima being offered the position as lead architect at the Utopia Planetia Yards, and his wife being transferred to Starbase 12 as their Chief Science Officer. Young Lan experienced his first crisis at the age of 5 when a shuttle ferrying his preschool class from Starbase 12 to the New Berlin colony suffered an engine containment failure. Lan, having learned a few things from his father managed to get his class to the emergency transporter and activate it, beaming everyone to the colony at the last minute.

The rest of his childhood remained fairly uneventful, every year he and his brother would switch out parents, moving back and forth between Mars and Starbase 12, until the start of the Dominion War. Commander Susan Nakajima was handpicked by Admiral Ross to be his Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Bellerophon where she remained through the rest of the war.

After the War, both children moved aboard the Bellerophon with their Mother, where they remained until completing school. Rhys expressed interest in moving back to the Homeworld to start a career in Politics, While Lan decided to apply to Starfleet and follow in his father's footsteps. Lan transferred to the Delta Quadrant campus of the Academy hoping to be on the forefront of exploration. He held many positions after graduating, unsure of the right path to take, finally settling on Engineering where he thrived. After several years, saving the day a few times, and showing dedication to his duties, Lan was granted Command of the USS Cochrane. However, the Cochrane was not long for the world, having risked itself in the EDC War of 2387, quickly being replaced by the USS Elysium. In August of 2388, Lan was finally promoted to the position of UF Starfleet Chief of Staff, where he served dutifully until falling deathly ill in Late October of that year. Federation Doctors unsure what to do put him into stasis and had him sent back to his homeworld, where he remained in stasis until a specialist from Delphis Prime. He remained in Stasis for 10 years as O'Possai Scientists tried to determine a cause, and a viable solution, which came in the form of total nervous system replacement with Bio-Neural Circuitry, and a new artificial heart. Once recovered in late 2398, Lan returned to Starfleet Engineering at the Copernicus Shipyards. He focused mainly on the redesign of the Nova Class Mass Drivers, and in Mid 2399 was given the task ot performing the trial run of a prototype engine. Unbeknown to him or the crew of the USS Aurora, the new engine design intersected a time stream in the Sol System, and had the adverse reaction of propelling the ship and crew 23 years into the future, and 70,000 Lightyears across the galaxy to the Delta Quadrant.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Induction UF Starfleet: 180918
  • Demoted and Resigned: 150902
  • Returned to Duty: 220718
  • BBCP Engineering Certification: 220827
  • Commendation for Build Skills
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • The Enlisted Corps 220718
  • UFS Intro and Orientation 220718
  • Protocols and Procedures 180910
  • UFS Ethics 180910
  • Chain of Command 180910
  • Bridge Duty Stations 180910
  • Cadet Orientation v 2.0 180910
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide 180911
  • Introduction to Holodecks 180911
  • Ment Tact - Tact 4 – Face Death (I) 220725
  • Interpersonal Communication 220725
  • Promotions and Awards 220725
  • Introduction to Leadership 220725
  • PSI - Instructor Training 230123
  • Fleet Operations 230421
  • How May I Help You? 230421
  • Intro to UFS Computer Operations 230808
  • The Administrative Operative 230808
  • Courtesy and Conduct 230808
  • General Order No1: The Prime Directive 230808
  • Environmental Systems 220725
  • Starship Operating Modes 220725
  • Pre-Flight 230830
  • Introduction to Starfleet Engineering 180910
  • Warp Theory and Mechanics 101 180911
  • Impulse and Main Power Systems 180911
  • FTL Travel 180911
  • Structural and Environmental Engineering 180911
  • Damage Control and Small Craft Engineering 180911
  • Transporter Certification 180911
  • EPS Technology 180911
  • Directed and Field Energy Mechanics 180911
  • Computer and Matter-Energy Systems 180911
  • Legends of Engineering 180911
  • Bussard Ramscoops 220718
  • Advanced Starship Design Bureau 220718
  • Utopia Planitia Fleetyards 220718
  • Planetary Engineering (Terraforming) 220718
  • The Navigational Deflector 220718
  • Engineer Roles and Responsibilities 220718
  • Transwarp Drive 220718
  • Tractor Beams 220718
  • Transporter Tech I: An Introduction 220718
  • Transporter Tech II: Enhancers and Inhibitors 220718
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Space Sickness 180910
  • Amnesia 180911
  • Basic Astrophysics 220725
  • Phaser Safety 180910
  • TACT 201: Defensive Systems 220804
  • TACT 202: Offensive Systems 220804
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
No records on file.  
  • Canians 101 220719
  • UFS History I: Politics and Pinastri 220718
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file. None.
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation AwardRibbon of ValorPrestigious Service AwardUFSA Achievement RibbonMarine CrossGolden HeartCombat ServiceLifetime Service AwardExtended Tour RibbonBronze StarEDC Campaign RibbonOCTS RibbonECTS RibbonCOCTS RibbonFOCTS RibbonThe Prim AwardLegion of MeritMetaverse RibbonCGSD Administration I AwardTask Force Delphi Ribbon