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Biographical information Photo
Name: Jorden Allen (Male) Date of Birth (Age): 2363 (22) AllenJorden.jpg
Species: Andorian Place of Birth: Galor IV
Nationality: Federation Ethnic Origin: Andor
Languages: Federation Standard English, Andorian, Finnish Religion: None
Physical information
Height: 154 Weight: 72
Hair: White Eyes: Brown
Blood type: O+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Glasses
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Capt. Zillia Zh’Allen
Father Capt. Shol Th’Allen Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: Commodore Position: Executive Officer
Current Assignment: SS Tranquility Branch: UF Starfleet Command
Sector: 001 Service Number: 655
Status: Active
Born at the Daystrom Institute on Galor IV, Jorden was raised during a time of great emergence. After first contact with the Borg in 2365, and the Dominion War from 2373 through 2375, and the ongoing technological advancements prompted by USS Voyager’s serendipitous exploration through the Delta Quandrant, Galor IV was a hive of activity in the development of technologies to counter the increased threat to the Federation. This fast-paced upbringing left a mark on Jorden. The atmosphere at the institute cared not for who you were, but rather what you could do. If you could be doing something, but weren’t, you were in the way. Values Jorden still holds to this day.

Upon turning of age, Jorden applied to Starfleet Academy and although the acceptance commission noted his potential for arrogance at less educated fellow applicants, observed during the psych evaluation, his recommendations from distinguished personnel (family friends) at the Daystrom and his clear knack for engineering paved the way for acceptance on the first attempt. Presumably due to his inspiration from the USS Voyager during childhood, when the opportunity to train in still largely undiscovered Delta Quadrant arose, Jorden saw it as his chance to be at the forefront of development. Graduating with honours, his first posting out of the academy was on the under-construction USS Shogun (although this name had not been commissioned at the time), UF Starfleet’s newest, Sovereign class starship. Unsatisfied with dry-dock life, Jorden requested and was given a transfer to the Prometheus class USS Menelaus, under the command of CO Captain Bogle Richards. The Prometheus class was still a new design for Starfleet, and Jorden was at the cutting edge of Federation technology, and was being mentored by some of Starfleet’s best - many of whom who would go on to be ship’s captains themselves.

Eventually, a position came up at SS Tranquility, the main operational starbase for UF Starfleet, as it’s Chief Engineer. Although he regretted leaving his friends aboard the Menelaus, and shipboard life in general, the opportunity to become a Chief Engineer was too great an opportunity to miss. It was here that Jorden became a frequent guest lecturer at the academy, and developed a strong relationship with UF Starfleet command, which would lead to his promotion to Vice Branch Commander for the UF Starfleet Corps of Engineers. As VBC, he would be responsible for developing the Cascadia Shipyards and, his proudest work, writing the book on Starfleet Engineering in the Delta Quadrant. In collaboration with the Branch Commander, Jorden and Wyp rewrote the entire syllabus for UFSA School of Engineering, and improved the graduate program. For his work in this, and previous dedication to Starfleet Engineering, he was awarded the highest Corps of Engineering award, the Montgomery Scott award.

With his increasing work with the UFSA, when the position of CO for the SS Alexandria, the station hosting the UFSA, was made available, Captains Richards and Skinstad, of the Menelaus and UFSA, recommended Commander Allen for the post. UFS Command agreed. Command life on the SS Alexandria didn’t suit the Commander, his research and need for fast-paced development was not satisfied by the mundane and routine operation of an academy station, so a transfer to head Starfleet Astro-Sciences division was granted, which was soon followed by an assignment to lead first the scientific studies, then the entire facility of Pathfinder Research Facility (Now a starbase).

After a year at Pathfinder, Jorden developed an interest for the interface between technology, the physical sciences, and medicine, and left the facility to work on a research project associated with neural interfaces. Ultimately, this research was unsuccessful, and, feeling down-hearted about his repeated unsatisfaction and failures, returned to the Daystrom Institute.

Some years later, the UFS Flagship, USS Durant, was given a new Captain, Commodore Toocool. The ship was to be turned from UFSA duty, to active exploration, and the ship needed experienced engineers. Jorden was made aware of this, and after completing ongoing projects he was leading at the Daystrom, requested a posting on a ship, feeding his desire to get back out there, exploring the galaxy.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Inducted to UF Starfleet Academy 081208
  • Starfleet Academy, Major in Engineering and Minors in Physics and Theoretical Mathematics
  • Order of Bajor, First Class: 220625
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Intro to UFS Academy: 081208
  • Protocols and Procedures: 081209
  • Morality of Command: 171017
  • Ship's Management 101: 171017
  • Orders and Directives: 180710
  • Chain of Command: 180710
  • Introduction to Diplomacy: 180710
  • The Enlisted Corps: 180710
  • The Administrative Operative: 180710
  • Promotions and Awards 101: 180710
  • Ship Management 102: 180710
  • Ship Management 101: 180710
  • Effective Delegation: 180710
  • Morality of Command: 180710
  • The First Officer: 180710
  • Branch Practical Author's Guide: 180710
  • JSMs and Story-arcs Author's Guide: 180710
  • Courtesy and Conduct: 180710
  • How May I Help You: 180906
  • Intro to UFS CompOps 190318
  • The Centre Seat 190318
  • Fleet Operations 220329
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 081208
  • Personal Support Systems 190318
  • Environmental Systems 190318
  • Starship Operating Modes 190318
  • Pre-Flight 210408
  • EPS Technology: 081211
  • Transporter Tech I: An Introduction 210714
  • Transporter Tech II: Enhancers and Inhibitors 210714
  • Planetary Engineering (Terraforming) 220601
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • EMH 101: 081222
  • Know Your Hypospray 230624
  • Know Your Medical Tricorder 230624
  • Medical Tools of the Trade 230624
  • Stellar Cartography: 081216
  • Philosophy 101 Exam: 081209
  • Sociology 101: 180906
  • Tricorder Functions 230623
No records on file.
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Introduction to Starfleet Intelligence: 180710
  • Cardassian Union Test: 081208
  • Intro to the UFP: 081217
  • Intro to Cultural Studies: 180730
  • History of Starships 101: 081222
  • UFS History IV: The Astraios Effect: 180710
  • Historian's Craft: 180710
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
  • Jump 101: 081223
  • The Field Medic 230624
No Records on file. None.
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Award for Academic DistinctionRibbon of ValorMontgomery Scott AwardHQ Engineering Proficiency AwardFleet Engineering Proficiency AwardCOCTS RibbonDaystrom Engineering AwardFOCTS RibbonRFL RibbonEngineering Proficiency AwardSuperintendents AwardSciFi-Convention Ribbon(3 Awards)Distinctive Service Ribbon.pngOkuda AwardLegion of MeritMetaverse RibbonTask Force Delphi RibbonUna Chin Riley AwardSilver Service Award