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Biographical information Photo
Name: Jodo Questi (Male) Date of Birth (Age): December 29th, 1976 (409) Jodo Questi.png
Species: Augmented Human Place of Birth: London, UK Earth
Nationality: Human Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English
Physical information
Height: 200 Weight: 79
Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue
Blood type: A Rh positive Medical Restrictions: none
Religion: Atheist
Other Important Medical Information: Eugenically enhanced
Other Identifying marks/Features: glasses
Maritial Status: partnered Spouse Magnum String
Children Deceased Mother Deceased
Father Deceased Siblings Deceased
Starfleet Records
Service Number: SSNYour Service Number (leave blank, to be entered by the Dept. of Personnell). Branch: n/a
Rank: n/a Position: n/a
Current Assignment: n/a Security Clearance: revoked
Status: Retired

Ministry of Defence

Larkhill Research Centre

From: Dr. Delia Surridge, April 30th, 1996 To: Division Heads, R&D Larkhill, Ministry of Defence, Project Lazarus Team Subject - Jodo Questi Batch V - Eugenic Experimentation


The Ministry of Defence has been commissioned to find an answer to the growing evidence of genetically enhanced soldiers in the Middle East. Therefore, we have begun the selection process of taking volunteers. Subject Jodo Questi is a graduate of Kings College London, in medicine, and has recently been called up for duty with the Royal Navy. He has been told to report for "vitamin supplements" at the Larkhill Research Centre.

Subject Treatment

Subject was given Batch V, the pituarin/pinearin mixture, together with stem cell treatments. The side effect seems to have induced a magenetism to his pesonality as well as increased reaction and mental processing time.

Subject has increased resliance to pain, increased powers of healing and a increased capacity for learning but has developed an ethical loathing for violence.

Subject Test Results

Combat unwillingness is a significant barrier, however the subject's medical knowledge and ability to store additional information together with excellent reflex times and ability to stay awake for a long time would make him an ideal combat medic. An unexpected side effect is the reaction of his metabolism. Early data seems to suggest that his aging process has been significantly slowed, to the point of aging one year per one hundred. This may be as a result of the exposure to the "Lazarus Compound" which was discovered at........

At this point the log entry is cut off

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2384
  • Assigned to UF Starfleet Medical
  • Graduated fromUF Starfleet Academy 090217
  • Assigned to USS Shogun as medical Officer 090329
  • Retired fromActive Duty 090912
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • History of United Federation Starfleet I: 090110
  • History of United Federation Starfleet II: 090428
  • Introduction to Red Squadron: 090115
  • Protocols & Procedures: 090118
  • Intro to UFS: 090111
  • UFS Ethics: 090424
  • Intro to Leadership: 090505
  • Intro to SFC: 090510
  • Sim Training Class 1: 090110
  • Sim Training Class 2: 090116
  • Instructor Training: 090219
  • Sim Training Instructor Class 1: 090418
  • Sim Training Instructor Class 2: 090425
  • none
College of Medical Sciences College of Academy Sciences College of Galactic Sciences
  • Introduction to United Federation Starfleet Medical: 090109
  • EMH 101: 090109
  • Nanotechnology: 090109
  • Medical 101:Tools of the Trade: 090114
  • Basic Medical Care: 090117
  • The Psychological Factors contributing to the Well Being of Humans in Space: 090118
  • Getting to Know Your Hypospray: 090211
  • History of Nursing: 090114
  • Psycology 101: 090216
  • Introduction to United Federation Starfleet Academy: 090109
  • Intro to Science: 090119
  • Stellar Cartography 101: 090113
  • Anthropolgy 101: 090426
  • Archeology 101: 090428
  • Chemistry 101: 090507
College of Security Sciences College of Cultural Studies College of History
  • Intro to Security: 090504
  • Obsidian Order: 090107
  • Philosophy 101: 090114
  • Sociology 101: 090107
  • Caitians 101: 090505
  • none
TRACOM Educational History Weapons Qualifications
  • Marine BEC: 090510
  • Weapons Theory: 090510
  • Starfleet Academy Major in Science and Medical
  • none
Promotion History Awards
  • T-c1.png Freshman Cadet
  • T-c2.png Sophmore Cadet
  • T-c3.png Junior Cadet
  • T-c4.png Senior Cadet
  • T-o1.png Graduated from UF starfleet Academy as Ensign 090217
  • T-o2.png Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade 090530
  • T-o3.png Promoted to Lieutenant 100104 (Posthumous)
  • OOTSS.png
  • 100104 - Order of the Shining Star (Posthumous)
Medical History Reprimands
  • classified
  • Reprimands Received.