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Biographical information Photo
Name: Hannah Amethyst (Female) Date of Birth (Age): November 23, 2386 (35) NoPhoto.png
Species: Betazoid Place of Birth: Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA, Earth
Nationality: Betazoid Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard (English), Betazoidian Religion: Born Again Christian
Physical information
Height: 1.65m Weight: 56.7kg
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Blood type: O+ Medical Restrictions: None.
Other Important Medical Information: Classified.
Other Identifying marks/Features: None noticeable; however, as a Betazoid, Hannah's eye and hair color are unusual. Hannah's eyes have big irises that are part of being a Betazoid.
Maritial Status: Single Spouse N/A
Children N/A Mother Naomi Amethyst
Father John Amethyst Siblings Michael Amethyst
Starfleet Records
Rank: Civilian Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: Pinastri Headquarters Branch: None
Sector: 001 Service Number: 2866
Status: Active
Hannah was born November 23, 2386 in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, Earth. There were ups and downs in Hannah’s life, just like any other person; however, her life was wrought with attention seeking behavior, manipulative tendencies, anxiety, depression, poor choices, and loneliness. Hannah admits her childhood was hard; but, she is quick to point out the good parts in it as well as the fact that there are others that are worse off than she was.

Even though Hannah is Betazoid, her parents rejected the traditions and the polytheisticism of the Betazoid culture: which, lead her to being born on Earth. Even with being born on Earth, Hannah grew up in a very religious household. She was drug to church every time the doors were open; but, she was a hypocrite. In 2419, religion became a relationship when she trusted in Jesus Christ. Hannah has endured life change that was never something that she could have taken care of on her own; although, she is very prone to wandering.

Hannah graduated high school in 2405. She loved the classes of healthcare occupations, and chorus. She then went on and received her nursing assistant certification in 2406. Hannah received a certificate in phlebotomy in 2412. She spent from 2407 through 2415 working in the medical system on Earth.

In 2422, Hannah joined StarFleet Medical, and has enjoyed her experience; especially since, she is back to taking care of those around her.

Hannah deals with the after effects of an illness that can strike Betazoids: Zanthi Fever. In 2415, Hannah came down with a severe form of the Zanthi Fever and also was dealing with an infection. Between the fever and the infection, Hannah almost did not make it out alive. Hannah does at times have a very noticeable communication difficulty: either with not getting her point out correctly, speaking too slowly, or at times, using the wrong words. But, even still, Hannah will correct this and make sure she is understood correctly.

In Hannah’s spare time, she enjoys reading, playing piano, exercise, crafting, and exploring. She loves flowers, butterflies, and birds. Hannah is a very avid coffee drinker, and she is known to drink too much!

Personality: Hannah tends to be introverted; although, there are times that she can be very much an extravert. She does not do well in social situations for the most part; but, she can hold her own. Hannah is very much a people pleaser; but, she is improving on this: one step forward, 3 steps backward, etc. Hannah loves to help others around her, and tends to others before herself. She is extremely humble and does not take credit for things.

Work Ethic: Hannah is an extremely hard worker, to the point past exhaustion and full blown collapse. She does what she can to do her best. She pays close attention to details, even if it means she overcomplicates her work. Hannah is very receptive to constructive criticism. She is a dependable worker. Hannah borders on the edge of being a "Workaholic".

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • Induction UF Starfleet: 220321
  • Merge with RL Account Melissa Flammia: 220323
No records on file.
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • New Member Entrance Exam 210927
  • New Member Orientation 220214
  • We are Starfleet! 220214
  • Protocols and Procedures 220215
  • Interpersonal Communication 220215
  • Bridge Duty Stations 220215
  • Chain of Command 220215
  • Introduction to Holodecks 220215
  • UFS Ethics 220219
  • How May I Help You? 220221
  • Intro to UFS Computer Operations 220221
  • The Administrative Operative 220221
  • Morality of Command 220221
  • Introduction to Leadership 220221
  • Promotions and Awards 220221
  • Courtesy and Conduct 220316
  • New Member Entrance Exam 220321
  • Introduction to Starfleet Operations 220222
  • Personnel Support Systems 220222
  • Personal and Intraship Comms 220222
No records on file.
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Introduction to Starfleet Medical 220214
  • Basic Medical Care 220214
  • Medical Tools of the Trade 220215
  • Amnesia 220215
  • History of Nursing 220219
  • Anaesthesia 220219
  • Know Your Hypospray 220219
  • Know Your Medical Tricorder 220219
  • Space Sickness 220219
  • Starship Operations: Medical 220219
  • Psychological and Physiological Effects 220221
  • Psychology 101 220221
  • The Cardiovascular System 220221
  • EMH 101 220221
  • Anatomy 101 220221
  • Nanotechnology in Medical Science 220221
  • Cryonics and Stasis Fields 220221
  • Medical Ethics 220221
  • Surgery 101 220221
  • Physiology DQ Species I 220316
  • Physiology DQ Species II 220316
  • Introduction to Starfleet Science 220222
  • Introduction to Botany 220222
  • Introduction to Biology 220222
  • Physics 101 220314
  • Chemistry 101 220316
  • Science Lab Safety 220316
  • Introduction to Starfleet Security 220222
  • SEC 201: Standard Operating Procedures 220222
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
No records on file.  
  • Introduction to Xenology 220312
  • Sentient Machines 220312
  • Canians 101 220313
  • Borg 101 220313
  • Equiner 101 220314
  • Andorians 220316
  • Argussians 220316
  • History of the Drow 220316
  • Klingons: People and Culture I 220316
  • Betazoid 220316
  • Hirogen 101 220316
  • Klingons: People and Culture II 220316
  • Intro to the United Federation of Planets 220317
  • UFS History I: Politics and Pinastri 220215
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file.  
  • The Basics of Roleplay 220316
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards