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Biographical information Photo
Name: Fema Firefrick (Herm) Date of Birth (Age): Feb 2nd 2330 (62) ResidentFirefrick.jpg
Species: Human / Pixieum Place of Birth: Earth
Nationality: Earth American Ethnic Origin: Pixieum, possibly Kvaran
Languages: Federation Standard, English Religion: none
Physical information
Height: 5"11" Weight: curvy
Hair: varied Eyes: varied
Blood type: Red Medical Restrictions: Allergic to "Drama"
Other Important Medical Information: none
Other Identifying marks/Features: Full body wrap tattoo of "Gothic Rose" design.Pronounced pointed ears with several piercings. Furl-able membrane wings enabling flight.
Maritial Status: Single Spouse N/A
Children None Mother Brandy (Fairwind) Firefrick - Pixieum
Father F'lar Firefrick - Human Siblings Jellison & Jerison Firefrick (male twins)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Commander Position: Chief Engineering Officer
Current Assignment: SS Tranquility Branch: UF Starfleet Engineering
Sector: 001 Service Number: FR1703
Status: Active
Fema is a Hybrid, unique in that her and her younger twin brothers are the only known result's of an intra-species mixing of Human and Pixieum. In 2320, her human father F'lar, at the time a Public Safety Specialist (Fire Service) returned to Earth with his new wife Brandy Fairwind of the planet Pixiera 3. Fema was born with all the physical attributes and characteristics of a Human with the exception of the Pixieum traits of well pronounced pointed ears and the ability to unfurl or minimize feathery shaped membrane wings capable of low-level, short distance flight. Her skin and hair can vary somewhat due to mood changes. She has keen interest in Engineering, Science and pre- history of both Earth and Pixiera.

Before deciding on an exploratory career in StarFleet, she had followed her fathers example and joined the Earth Fire and Emergency Services community, serving with distinction for her flight abilities. Her ambition is to seek out and possibly discover others of her ancestral race thought to be the now extinct Kvarans. Fema has an intelligent and highly developed mind but tends to be mischievous, flirtatious and playful at times. However she is friendly, faithful, loyal and stalwart in her convictions.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
No records on file.  
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • Introduction to UFS: 171110
  • Cadet Orientation: 171111
  • JSM: 171118, 180615
  • Protocols & Procedures: 171121
  • Chain of Command: 171121
  • Orders and Directives: 171122
  • UFS Ethics: 171222
  • Introduction to Leadership: 171112
  • Interpersonal Communication: 171211
  • Introduction to Holodecks: 180114
  • The First Officer: 180521
  • Bridge Duty Stations: 180522
  • Prime Directive I: 180528
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide: 180529
  • Ship's Management 101: 180601
  • Intro to UFS Academy: 180611
  • Promotions & Awards: 180601
  • Courtesy & Conduct: 180613
  • Introduction to Operations: 171115
  • Pre-Flight: 171215
  • Intro to Communications: 171127
  • Subspace Communications: 171127
  • Flight Controller Theory: 171121
  • Personal and Intraship Communications: 171128
  • OPs Branch Practical 181207
  • PSI - Pilot Training 210701
  • Damage Control and Small Craft Engineering: 171110
  • Intro to Engineering: 171110
  • Transporter Certification: 171110
  • Computer and Matter-Energy Systems: 171113
  • FTL Travel: 171113
  • Structural and Environmental Engineering :171110
  • Warp Theory and Mechanics: 171117
  • Impulse and Main Power Systems: 171117
  • Directed and Field Energy Mechanics: 171117
  • EPS Technology: 171118
  • Legends of Engineering: 171118
  • Engineering BP Ridealong: 171127
  • Engineering Practical 171203
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Intro to Medical: 171116
  • Space Sickness: 180113
  • Amnesia: 180625
  • Medical Branch Practical 190102
  • Into to Starfleet Science: 171118
  • Science Lab Safety: 171129
  • Branch Practical (Science): 180622
  • Phaser Safety: 171110
  • Intro to Security: 171117
  • Security Practical: Tactical: 180320
  • Federation Law: 180523
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
  • Introduction to Starfleet Intelligence: 171115
  • Intel Branch Practical 181002
  • Federation Cuisine: 180330
  • Introduction to Xenology: 180330
  • UFS History I: 171108
  • UFS History II:171125
  • UFS History III: 171125
  • History of Starships I: 180602
  • History of Starships II: 180602
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file.  
  • Star Trek - 2009: 171202
  • Blade Runner: 171228
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards
  • UFSA Graduation AwardHQ Engineering Proficiency AwardKaruun Campaign RibbonCombat Service Ribbon 4COCTS RibbonCGSD 1 RibbonLifetime Service AwardFirst Contact Ribbon - 3 Awards.pngSciFi-Convention Ribbon ( 2 awards)RFL Ribbon (2 awards)Task Force Phoenix RibbonGood ConductSilver Service AwardTarok Campaign RibbonTask Force Gemini RibbonMetaverse RibbonTask Force Delphi RibbonExtended Tour Ribbon