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Biographical information Photo
Name: Azreal Kass (Male) Date of Birth (Age): July 22 2364 (21) 350.px
Species: Chameloid/Human Place of Birth: Beverly, Massachusetts, United States
Nationality: Federation, Earth, United States Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation English, Norwegian Religion: Christian
Physical information
Height: 1.9558 Weight: 117
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
Blood type: AB+ Medical Restrictions: Astigmatism, Requires corrective lenses
Other Important Medical Information: No Known Allergies, Shape Shifter
Other Identifying marks/Features: Set of Asian dragon tattoos over his back and chest
Maritial Status: Single Spouse None
Children None Mother Elizabeth Pensive
Father Jordon Kass (Deceased) Siblings Stephen Kass (Younger Brother)
Starfleet Records
Rank: Lieutenant Commander Position: Medical Officer
Current Assignment: USS Veracruz Branch: Medical
Azreal kass was born 2364 the son of an Chameloid, his father Jordon Kass, and a human, His mother, Elizabeth Pensive. it is unsure how Jordon made his way to earth and his past was largely unknown even to his wife Elizabeth. Ezliabeth worked as a computer programmer for the federation at a small freelance outfit located in Beverly Massachusetts , programing anything from military simulations to simple computer logging sub routines. though initially turned off by Jordon's brash nature Elizabeth eventually grew to love him, they where married and soon after Azreal was born Beverly General hospital 2364. A year later to the day his brother Stephan was born.

Azreal’s childhood was normal enough. growing up on the outskirts of the city in a small suburban house, his brother and himself constantly getting into some sort of trouble or another. During his school years he became fast friends with an Anthropomorphic Feline named Emmy, while growing up Emmy and Azreal often dreamed of what lay beyond the stars, his brother however content with issues more terrestrial in nature.2370 Jordon is shot by anti alien bigots walking home to his family. from that time Azreal Withdrew into himself much of this time after graduating from high school and eventually college he joined the Starfleet academy, Leaving behind his childhood love Emmy, to not only learn more about what had always fascinated him, but to be, in a way, closer to his late father who often had entertained him as a boy with stories of space travel.Now A cadet in the Starfleet academy Azreal, having always been a kind person at heart, has begun to study hard to become a Starfleet doctor. to save lives and see the vast ocean that is space that his father had loved so much.Azreal’s hobbies are focused much around the arts and technologies often painting and sketching. on a small tablet. He loves to read having read a small libraries worth of books of many kinds from fantasy novels to the inner workings of antique firearms. A lover of games of all types he has grown to love card and dice games of any type, enjoying the company of other players. Has a pet turtle he has named Fin, Fin from an observation that when he attempted to introduce gold fish to the turtles habitat, the turtle would always eat the fins off the fish... he soon after stopped that practice. Azreal has recently begun to read up on medical and biology, as well as engineering.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
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Medical History Reprimands
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