Outpost Alpha

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Outpost Alpha
Outpost Alpha.png
*Registry: SS 008
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: [[Al Raqis]]
*Ship Designer: Station Design and Construction Bureau
*Operational Status: Inactive
Design Specifications
*Type: Planetary Base
Designed Capacities
*Life Support Capacity: 200
Tactical Systems
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: AthenaDax Zoon
*Executive Officer: Josie Sauber
*Chief Engineer: Vacant
*Chief of Security: Laser Rainfall
*Chief Medical Officer: Vacant
*Chief of Operations: Hanna Kestrel
*Chief Science Officer: Vacant
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo
Outpost Alpha.png


Crew Manifest


Construction and Initial Assignment

Technical Data




Support Crafts

Dedication Plaque

First Contacts

Missions of Outpost Alpha