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General Data
*Home System: [Unknown
*Home Planet: Orillexia
*First Contact: Unknown
*First Contact By: Data Axel
*Faction: Federation
*Government: Monarchy
*Violence: Calm
*Primary Language: Orille and Federation Common
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Orillexian
*Scientific Family: Humanoid/reptillian
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Unknown
*Hair: Varies depending on current hosts appearence.
*Eyes: Gold
*Auditive: Standard Auditory
*Emphatic: Yes
*Telepatic: Yes
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: Unknown
Other Information
any other information


The bloodtype is AQIV+9 for all Orillexians. Due to the symbiont the host loses very much blood every day and therefore is often drinking special replicated blood made spesifically for Orillexians insted of eating normal meal. Most humanoid food causes the symbiont to be ill.

The species has not been very known due to they are intergrated into the human society. But there are some that are openly about who they are and their age.

There are Orillexians that does not move on to new hosts every now and then and just stays with the first host they had and therefore have a bigger chance to become older, since they have no age limit and can live for many thousands of years as the same. The oldest and known Orillexian is Reshuk Sioan who is as of year 2387, 3186 years old.


It is unknown when the first Orillexian joined UFStarfleet.


Why would there be as need for male and female? There are no males or females. The Symbiont is not any gender set, and once it is in the host. The host itself are not seen at as any spesific gender, due to the amount of previous hosts, memories and personlities which intergrates itself with the host and becomes a part of him/her.

Their race lives by the monarchy where the planet is seperated into different "countries" and those have their Grey which have their Representatives and Subjects who follow them. Each of their "countries" have their Guard that makes sure everyone even the King/Queen follows the rules set.

The planet is seperated into 51 "countries".


The technology is as the same as the Federation, but they prefer to stay without it if they can. Which is what we know as of yet.


They are a very calm and innocent race with no trace of violence. They do not have any weapons made due to being non-violent.


Info collated by - Data Axel

Uploaded by Kermie Mistwallow