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Oncan Male

Name: The Oncans

Home Position: 93.38 LY Rimward from Pinastri

Class: Oxygen Breathing Species

Conditional Notes: Feline in appearance and demeanour, much like Caitians.

Society Classification: Post Warp, Earth Federation Era

Society Government System: Imperial

Date of Contact: 090606

Other Notes: None

History and Other Information:

The USS Shogun picked up evidence of destructive attacks that were like those of the Uvalu disaster and the Benton-A disaster. As a result they diverted slightly from their present course to investigate. Soon they were contacted by two species: the Onca and the Lupari. The Onca and Lupari were at the brink of war, both accusing the other of attacking. With the help of LT(jg) LIR-02x, Doctor Fargus Skytower, ENS Remus Hyun and ENS Alexandra Ogleby, LT Ulrich Bechir was able to broker a deal with the opposing sides allowing them to work together to investigate the attacks. Investigations concluded that the two sides had not attacked each other but were subject to an outside force, as of yet unknown, attempting to provoke them into war. A peace was achieved between the two species with the aim of stopping these attacks and bringing the offender to justice.

The Oncan are a hierarchical, imperial and warlike race. They are ruled by a queen but despite their warrior stance have a high regard in terms of honour. The Oncan prefer those they work with to show strength in their dealings and honesty. Trust is difficult to gain, but once achieved is lasting and strong. Oncan people have very little regard for anything they might perceive as cowardice, treason or malfeasance. They are to be dealt with carefully but strongly.

The Oncan have, in their early Imperial Phase conquered and subjugated several worlds. During the attacks by an unknown force, one of these worlds was nearly destroyed. The Oncan leadership immediately assumed that the Lupari had attacked as they had been locked in a Cold War with this species for several years.

Recommendations: The Species shows itself to have capacity for learning and growth. While they are warlike, they are able to allow their 'reason' to override their more primal instincts. Due to their honourable nature and bearing, they should be watched carefully and treated as an ally. In future years, if they are able to maintain peace with the Lupari and other species, they might be a valuable addition to the United Federation of Planets.