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Our Mission

The Department of Officer Orientation is located within the Personnel Division of Operations.

Based at HQ, the Officer Orientation Department is responsible for the transition of members from UFS Academy into the UFS Officer and Enlisted Corps.

This is accomplished by processing each cadet's Transfer Request upon their graduation, notifying their new Branch Commander, and posting of their Graduation notice.

In addition, the Officer Orientation Department conducts orientations with each UFS Academy graduate. Cadets are introduced to changes in their status and notified of their new responsibilities. They are given resources on the UFS Chain of Command, uniform policy, creating a service jacket, monthly reporting, roll call reporting, taking part in UFS events, and up to date Fleet postings. By participating in the Orientation Program, cadets are given the opportunity to have questions answered on the spot, ensuring a smoother transition.




  • After graduation from UFS Academy, every new Ensign is required to report to Orientation Office. Proper Uniform is required, Ensigns are required to report for Orientation in their Duty Uniform. Their Branch transfers must have also been complete and notice received from the UFS Personnel Division there of.

Department Directors

Deputy Director

  • 090316 to 090517: Tai Galicia
  • 090517 to 090801: Vacant
  • 090801 to 090901: Raina McCallen Acting Deputy Director
  • 090901 to Present: Vacant