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“Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for directions.”

― Winston S. Churchill

UFS Diplomatic Corps
General Data
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2385
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector
Homebase: UFS Communications
Division Staff
Division Head: Vacant
Vice Division Head: Vacant
Yeoman: Vacant
Division Structure


The Office of the Diplomatic Corps is resonsible for attending to and overseeing diplomatic relations with Friends and Allies of United Federation Starfleet.



  • Ambassador
  • Diplomat
  • Allies

Division Staff

UFS Diplomatic Corps
Director - Diplomatic Corps R-blank.png Vacant
Deputy Director - Diplomatic Corps R-blank.png Vacant
Diplomat to Companions Guild R-blank.png Vacant
Ambassador to Universe Fleet Beta Quadrant R-o6.png Kem Vala


12th Fleet

January 6, 2018

United Federation Starfleet (UFS) and Federation 12th Fleet (12th Fleet) hereby enter into an alliance and agree to the terms and conditions of this as discussed between the Leadership of both groups.

Any representative designated as Ambassador/Diplomatic Liaison or another group approved diplomatic designation shall be considered the official representative(s) of their respective group and shall speak for the group within the scope of the authority and conditions granted by that group’s governing authority.

This document can only be revoked or modified by a predetermined meeting between the designated representatives from both groups, as authorized by the respective governing authorities, where a cessation or modification of treaty document shall be drafted and enacted with the representatives from both groups being present for the signing. Under this condition, any agreement must be virtually signed in person and not in-absentia as this will negate the document. Verbal modifications made regarding the treaty are not official nor enforceable.

Both groups shall agree to the following terms.

Both groups agree to not:

  • Actively recruit members from the other group. This includes but not limited to
    • Offering higher positions
    • Promises of rank upgrades
  • Make accusations about the other group.
  • Harass the other group or personnel in any form or manner.
  • Conduct activities that include:
    • espionage,
    • spying,
    • griefing
    • theft against the other group.
  • Retain or utilize items or intellectual property (IP) from the other group without prior approval.
  • Violate Linden Research, Inc. d/b/a Linden Lab Terms of Service (TOS) in relation to self or the other group.
  • Claim dominance of rights over Star Trek™ property, which are owned by Paramount Pictures™ and CBS Studios, Inc. d/b/a CBS Television Studios.

Both groups agree to:

  • Contact the designated representative of the other group if there is any violation of terms in this document.
  • Contact the designated representative of the other group if an issue(s) arises that conflicts with the expressed intent or spirit of this document.
  • Maintain ethical standards regarding the treatment of personnel and the safeguarding of intellectual property and enforcement of anti-copybotting initiatives.
  • To investigate any formal complaints filed by the opposing group.
  • "When officially representing one's group said group agrees to adhere to their own uniform policies"
  • Share information regarding troublesome members, bans and any other information that may harm the other group in any way.

Recognition of Rank:

  • Both UFS and 12th Fleet, for roleplay, agree to recognize the rank of all members. This does not give a ranking officer authorization to issue orders to member of the opposing group outside of joint Role play or an invited guest to join in roleplay activities.
  • The recognition of rank does not guarantee that said rank will transfer over to the other group should a member choose to freely join said group. Rather, it will be up to the governing officer to decide if a rank will transfer over with a member.
  • There are no expectations that a promotion or demotion in one of the group will automatically have the same recognition in the other group.

Any violation to Linden Lab TOS will be settled between Linden Lab, the violating group and persons involved.

This document is effective immediately upon authorized signatures from the groups listed in this document.

Principle Signatories

Representing United Federation Starfleet

  • General MilesPrower Dagger

Representing Federation 12th Fleet

  • Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman

Treaty Authors:

  • Commodore Kermie Mistwallow - United Federation Starfleet
  • Fleet Captain Azdra Resident – United Federation Starfleet
  • Fleet Admiral John T. Hartman - Federation 12th Fleet