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UFS Recruitment and Retention.png
“Success doesn't come to you, you go to it"
UFS Recruitment and Retention
General Data
Fleet Affiliation: UF Starfleet
Founded: 2385
Status: Active
Location: Pinastri Sector
Homebase: UF Starfleet Chief of Staff
Division Staff
Division Head: Nintendoswitch Resident
Vice Division Head: Vacant
Yeoman: Vacant
Division Structure


The Office of Recruitment and Retention deals with all accounts of R&R issues in all UFS Sectors.


The Coordinator of Recruitment and Retention oversees all UFS efforts to recruit prospective individuals to become members of our organization, and also to retain current members. This includes the creation and development of new methods and materials to assist with recruiting and retention and the identification of new resources that can also aid in that endeavor.

  • Develops and maintains recruiting material for sectors, colonies, and chapters to utilize
  • Assists the Director of PR/Marketing with the creation of marketing templates for flyers that can be modified and distributed by chapters at conventions
  • Develops a resource hub via the database of online sites available for all chapters, sectors, and colonies to use in recruiting efforts
  • Provides recruiting and retention assistance upon request of sector and colony commanders and chapter COs
  • Conducts periodic surveys to identify issues affecting member interest and retention


Office of Recruitment & Retention
Coordinator Recruitment & Retention Y-o2.png Nintendoswitch Resident
Deputy Coordinator Recruitment & Retention R-blank.png Vacant
SL Recruitment & Retention Officer C-o6.png Drewski Northman
SL Recruitment & Retention Officer R-blank.png Vacant
RL Recruitment & Retention Officer R-blank.png Vacant