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General Data
*Home System: [Oclargi System
*First Contact: 20,000 years into the future (2386, Stardate 111016 according to the USS Sheppard's chronometers)
*First Contact By: USS Sheppard
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Skin: Purple
*Hair: None
Other Information

History and Culture

Not much is known about the history of the Oclar. First contact with them occurred 20,000 years in the future. The USS Sheppard's encounters with them, as well as accounts by the Chenae, point to a society that is highly structured and values the rule of law - the 18,000-page-long Oclar Canon Code is the foundation not only of Oclar society but also its interactions with other species. The Oclar are known to quote the Code to other species whom they often accuse of transgressions, a motive which they often use to lay claim to alien vessels or technology.

Therein lies the great contradiction of the Oclar - for all the value they place on the rule of law, they are essentially pirates and scavengers, often operating illegally.

Physionomy and Psychology

The Oclar are a humanoid species. Physically, the two features that differentiate them are their mottled, purple skin, as well as the fact that they seem to have no hair follicles.

The psychological trait that stands out the most is the high value they put on their Canon Code and having other species obey it.


Most of the technology the Oclar have was either acquired or forcibly appropriated. According to the Chenae, legend has it that the Oclar first ventured into space when a merchant ship landed on their planet; the Oclar arrested the merchants and imprisoned them, and then took their ship. Although it took them months to figure it out, they did manage to get the vessel airbourne and into space.

As they had no background in engineering, they took to behaving, in space, exactly how they did on their planet - arrest ships which they accused of transgressions against their laws, get the arrested crews to do the repair work, and appropriate their ship or technology.


First contact with the Oclar occurred on Stardate 111016 according to the USS Sheppard's chronometers, but at that point the ship was actually 20,000 years in the future. The Sheppard had travelled through a time anomaly, entered an icy planet's atmosphere and crash-landed. Although it did manage to eventually take off again and make it back into orbit, once there it was met by the Oclar ship Karigati One, which promptly landed a harpoon on the Sheppard's hull. The Oclar commander then informed the Sheppard crew that they were being rescued, but that pursuant to Oclar law 7, paragraph 21, their ship was being claimed as payment.

The Sheppard managed to break free by transferring its hull's polarization to the harpoon and to the Oclar ship's hull, causing some system malfunctions on Karigati One. The timely arrival of the Chenae convinced the Oclar to leave the scene.

However, on Stardate 111023 (still according to the ship's chronometers), two Oclar ships managed to ambush the Sheppard while its Chenae escort had gone off to investigate a distress call. While the Oclar intruders who had beamed aboard - still intent on claiming the ship - were eventually repealed, some of them captured and made away with one of the Sheppard's engineers.

On Stardate 111106, the Sheppard crew enacted a daring plan to land a strike team inside an Oclar ship in order to gain information on the whereabouts of the kidnapped engineer. In the process, Sheppard Chief of Operations April Coswell used Oclar law to remove Oclar Enforcer Mar from his position and name Sheppard Captain Mulgrave Dwi in his place. The crew also learned from a young Oclar apprentice that the lost officer had stolen a shuttle and was believed to have crashed on a planet, the coordinates to which Mar and the apprentice provided. On Stardate 111113, the Sheppard arrived at the planet and, although it met with some resistance from Oclar vessels at the scene, managed to retrieve the engineer. The Sheppard came under attack by these vessels but was rescued by the Chenae.




Authored by: April Coswell