Occult Star System

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The Occult System is a binary star system in the Delta Quadrant containing six planets in total.

It is assumed to be either the home system or some form of colony for the alien life form referred to as the "Void Callers", and is not to be directly approached by Starfleet vessels without authorization from Command.


The Occult system is located in Sector 005D, Subsector 74, which is immediately trailing of the Polenta Sector. It was identified by the USS Shogun during her exploration of this sector, utilising a map obtained from the administrator of the Saka'ari "Ancient" station, Orobouros

The System itself is out of bounds to standard Starfleet approach, due to the hostile nature and attitude of the Void Callers. There are high concentrations of energy on the first planet, presumed to be psionic in nature, as well as the high concentration of 'Vortex' use by these peoples.