Occult II

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Occult II
General Data
*Class: Class N (Reducing)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: Four; L Class Moons
*Location: Sector 005D, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Occult Star System
*Species of Note:Varied life forms, presumed "Void Callers" Presence
*Faction Affiliation: None
Occult II is an N Class planet which shares an orbit with the presumed Void Caller homeworld Occult I. It is orbited by four L-Class Moons, and has planetary rings.

Planetary Statistics

  • Classification: Class N
  • Distance from sun: 1.13 AU
  • Radius: 5059.48km
  • Gravity: 6.80 m/s2 (0.70 x earth)
  • Land surface area 82%
  • Water Surface Area 18% (Ice)
  • Escape Velocity : 8.29 km/s
  • Mass 2.62 x 1024 kg
  • Mean Density : 4.83 g/cm3
  • Atmosphere: Thin Reducing: 76.3% sulfur dioxide, 23.7% hydrogen, trace other gases
  • Weather system: Mostly Frozen
  • Temperature: -94C - 41C
  • Surface: Either extremely hot, or frozen at the poles.
  • Lifeforms: several animal creatures, located mostly on the ice fields; presumed to be adapted to the environment.
  • Tech. level: None known.


On 130203 the USS Shogun set course to the Occult Star System to investigate possible locations of the Void Caller plaguing the system for whatever reason. The planetary history itself is unknown, and is assumed to be some form of Colony, if not home-world of the Void Caller race.


Barren, extremely low levels of oxygen. It is mostly a rock.


None noticed.


Various lifeforms, mostly animal life forms that gather on the polar caps.