Occult I

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Occult I
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: L Class Moon]]'
*Location: Sector 005D, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Occult Star System
*Species of Note:Varied Aquatic: Presumed "Void Callers" Colonists
*Faction Affiliation: None
Occult I is an M class planet which land masses seem to be primarily 'grown' from some form of crystal, as is its buildings. It is considered a hostile area, due to exceptionally aggressive defence by the 'Void Caller'.

Planetary Statistics

  • Classification: Class M
  • Distance from sun: 0.7 AU
  • Radius: 7765.42 km
  • Gravity: 10.84 m/s2 (1.11 x Earth)
  • Land surface area 46% (Crystalline, presumed grown)
  • Water Surface Area 54%
  • Escape Velocity : 12.97 Km/sec
  • Mass 9.84 x 1024 kg
  • Mean Density : 5.01 g/cm3
  • Atmosphere: Standard Breathable: 54.9% Nitrogen, 28.4% oxygen, 16.6% argon, trace others
  • Weather system: Incapale of definition.
  • Temperature: 16C to 88C
  • Surface: Mostly water, landmasses there are likely 'grown' psionically.
  • Lifeforms: Prokayroytic microbes, "Void Callers"
  • Tech. level: None known. Utilises Psionically-created 'Vortexes' for transportation.
  • Specials: See Tech Level.


On 130203 the USS Shogun set course to the Occult Star System to investigate possible locations of the Void Caller plaguing the system for whatever reason. The planetary history itself is unknown, and is assumed to be some form of Colony, if not home-world of the Void Caller race.


Predominantly warm and wet, similar to tropical temperatures, almost perfect for the Aquatic or Amphibious creatures that inhabit the waters. The atmospehre seems to be oppressive and heavily energized, possibly due to the pressures put onto the environment either Psychically by the Void Callers themselves, or by the Vortex technology they utilise.


There was no seen vegetation on the Planet's surface. There are presumed to be some plant life underwater, or elsewhere away from the 'City',


Various lifeforms detected on the planet; mostly presumed to be non-sentient, aquatic and amphibious lifeforms due to the lack of roaming indigenous lifeforms on the nearest landmasses.