Nyota Colony

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Nyota Colony
The Nyota Colony is located on N'Doto Moon in the Bodan Sector.
*Class: Federation Colony
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: UFS Headquarters
*Operational Status: Active
Design Specifications
*Type: Planetary Base
Designed Capacities
*Life Support Capacity: Unknown
*Auxiliary Craft: Various Craft
Tactical Systems
*Armament: None
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: Poison Toocool
*Executive Officer: Indie Author
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo


In September 2413 a catastrophic rip in the space-time continuum created a massive spatial anomaly in the Astraios Sector. It was caused by the use of an illegal isolytic weapon by the followers of House Gomang, who were seeking to retake Treman Prime and remove Starfleet from the Astraios Sector. This attack occurred on Stardate 150906, and those who remain on Astraios Prime will discover in time, the results of this event. While the rupture was present, fully three planetary systems (Takaar, Keta and N'Doto) and a good portion of the massive Takaar Nebula were subject to gravimetric forces that pulled them swiftly into the rift. Included were the U.S.S. Longtalker NX-7701, in orbit of N'doto; along with the hospital ship USS Marie Curie NCC-064 and the runabout Fenix, both in orbit of Keta.

Once they had established what had happened, those on Astraios Prime believed that the systems, planets, and ships that had been yanked into the rift were lost forever. But, in time, it will be discovered that the ships and the planetary bodies and stars had been transported through a massive wormhole from Astraios Sector to an unexplored area of space some thousand light years coreward. When Starfleet is finally able to locate the lost, Fleet Captain Poison Toocool - who had been on N'Doto at the time of the event - will refuse to leave. Conditions on N'D'oto, Keta and Takaar will have been profoundly affected by the 'Big Event'. Good leadership will be needed in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and ensure that any displaced refugees, along with the indigenous populations, survive. In the end Starfleet will agree and the Nyota Colony will be ICly established on what will become known as 'Starfleet Island', Chert, on N'Doto Moon.

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