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General Data
*Home System: [Nocturna System
*Home Planet: Nocturna V
Biological Information
Other Information


The Nocteen are a bat like species who were very scientific in the early points of there civilization. There world is covered in trees 30 miles high and 5 miles thick. The trees block out 90% of light given off from its binary star. The cities of the Nocteen are built into these tress in a sort of symbiotic relation the tress give shelter and they get care takers. There bodies are home to bacteria that live below the skin and give off bio luminescence and in exchange feed off of the energy of the Nocteen in a symbiotic relationship.


Developing primitive warp travel around 50 bc an accident lead to the deforestation of 80% of the planet for 100 years. This time was known as the age of revelations. The scientific civilization fell and gave rise to an insular religious civilization. The people saw the accident as a sign from there ancestors that space travel was strictly forbidden. The punishment for working on such technology was death to the person involved and there family.

This religious zealotry has dominated the culture for the time up until 50 years ago when the government split in two. A group that believed space travel must be explored and those who didn't..


The Nocteen religion revolves around the living tending to there ancestors and honoring there wishes. As such many offer sacrifices of farm animals or other beasts to help feed the ancestors in the afterlife. Before the [age of revelation] it is believed that families kept a crystal that held the knowledge and mental energy of the members that died before them. However all traces of these stones called "Keeper Stones" have never been verified officially.

The Nocteen wore traditional clothing usually form fitting that differed from family to family.





Compiled by Voludo Porthos Uploaded by Lan Nakajima