New Vinland Colony

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New Vinland Colony
New Vinland Colony 001.png
Make yourself home. Stay as long as you can.
*Class: Federation Colony
*Faction: Starfleet
*Base of Operations: New Vinland
Design Specifications
*Type: Planetary Base
*Hull Composition: Duranium/Tritanium Based
Designed Capacities
*Life Support Capacity: 3 billion
*Auxiliary Craft: Various Craft
Tactical Systems
*Armament: COnFIDENT
*Defenses: Protected by Task Force Group 3: New Vinland
Engineering Specifications
Senior Staff
*Commander: Selenmoira Resident
*Executive Officer: KirstyTamae Resident
Extra Ship Information
Ship Logo
New Vinland Colony4.png

Colony Personell

Colony Staff
Colony Administrator R-o6.png Selenmoira Resident
Vize Colony Administrator R-o6.png KirstyTamae Resident
UFS Communication New Vinland R-blank.png N.N.
UFS Events Manager New Vinland R-blank.png N.N.
Colony Procurement R-o6.png Selenmoira Resident
Colony Moral Officer Y-o6.png Dolfke Barbosa
Colony Master Builder New Vinland
R-o6.png Selenmoira Resident
R-o6.png KirstyTamae Resident
Y-o6.png Michel Rosenstrauch
Civilian Relations W-blank.png N.N.
Colony Chief Engineer Y-blank.png N.N.
Colony Chief - Intelligence W-blank.png N.N.
Colony Chief - Medical T-blank.png N.N.
Colony Chief - Operations Y-o5.png Michel Rosenstrauch
Colony Chief - Science C-o5.png Braxx Juventa
Colony Chief - Security Y-o6.png Dolfke Barbosa
Colony Campus Director C-o5.png Braxx Juventa


April 20th 2413

Over a long period, the planet and the whole system, was the scene of a conflict between two spacefaring civilizations. The arrival of the first Federation ship, the USS Davy Crockett on 20 April 2413 ended this conflict.

The Federation ship was accidentally attacked in orbit of a Class M planet by the two warring parties, while the crew tried to contact them.

This event initiates a chain reaction of events that led to a peace agreement between the warring nations. The New Vinland Colony was founded on said planet as an outpost of the ideals of the United Federation of Planets and their Starfleet.

September 2413

In September 2413 the Task Force Group 3: New Vinland arrived to rescue and support the USS Davy Crockett. They found the ship and crew leading peace negotiations between the Ra'Borsh and Ral-Gata. At the end of this meeting, the conflit between the Ra'Borsch and Ral-Gata was solved and both agree that the New Vinland Star System with all resources should be given to the Federation of Planets in the hope to underline the new friendship and open a good relation with the "Peacebringer"

October 2413

The Task Force Group 3 gots new orders to secure the New Vinland Star System and start to explore the neighborhood in this uncharted sector.starting securing the sector.

January 2414

First settlers, mostly farmers, arrive at New Vinland 4. Starfleet start to organizing the land and setup the first developments.

March 2414

The building of the Starfleet Island at New Vinland 4 begins.

April 2414

The USS Davy Crockett detects dilithium at a moon within the New Vinland Star System

August 2414

Starfleet finished the installation of the security perimeter and setup different satellites in and around the system.


New Vinland Colony Missions