New Vinland

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New Vinland
General Data
*Class: Class M (Minshara)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: One
*Location: 2.2 ly Rimward, New Vinland Setor, Gamma Quadrant
*Star System: New Vinland Star System
*Species of Note:Humanoids
*Faction Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Federation colony outpost

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class M
  • distance from sun: 38.2 AU
  • diameter: 12045.46 km
  • gravity: 1.0255
  • atmosphere: oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system, rains, snow near the polar caps, lightning and storms.
  • temp.: -25C to 45C
  • surface: 75% water, 25% land
  • lifeforms: Humanoids and abundant plant and animal life
  • tech. level: Level I
  • first contact: USS Davy Crockett - 20th April 2413


Over a long period, the planet and the whole system, was the scene of a conflict between two spacefaring civilizations. The arrival of the first Federation ship, the USS Davy Crockett on 20 April 2413 ended this conflict.

The Federation ship was accidentally attacked in orbit of a Class M planet by the two warring parties, while the crew tried to contact them.

This event initiates a chain reaction of events that led to a peace agreement between the warring nations. The New Vinland Colony was founded on said planet as an outpost of the ideals of the United Federation of Planets and their Starfleet.


August 2414: There are many small farming communities on the planet. Starfleet raise a settlement at UFS-Island and starts to secure the planet and star system.


The planet is 75 percent covered by water. The continents are warm with many hot springs.


The landmasses are covered with dense woods from tropical to nothern arts. The trees remembers on birks and oaks and at the warmer regions on palm.


The northern continent and archipelagos shows some elk and wolve like animals. Also a lot of different birds. The biggest living animal is a whale sized shark.