Nekrit Expanse

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Nekrit Expanse.png.
Nekrit Expanse
General Data
*Class: Mutara Plus
*Type: Nebula
*Location: Delta Quadrant
The Nekrit Expanse covers several thousand light years in size, and it’s constantly changing structure makes accurate charting virtually impossible

The Nekrit Expanse is located in the Delta Quadrant, and is a huge, sparsely populated, nebular region containing an unknown form of interstellar gas.

Because of its vast size, the Expanse functions as a natural barrier of sorts, limiting contact between species on either side of the cloud.

Voyager’s sensor logs however revealed that inside the Nekrit Expanse, there is an asteroid field, 2 single stars (Farn and the unnamed FGC-505183), and a planet inhabited by a species called the Sakari, and another called Parein. Ships from the UFS Fleet have also located other star systems along its rimward edge. The Pinastri Star System is located approximately four light-years off its rimward edge