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General Data
*Home System: [Nausicaa
*Home Planet: Nausicaa
*First Contact: Not on Record
*First Contact By: Not on Record
*Faction: Klingon Empire
*Government: Feudal / Anarchy
*Violence: Aggressive
*Primary Language: Nausicaan
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal
*Skin: Leathery
*Hair: Dark to Black, Long
*Eyes: varies
*Auditive: Standard Auditory communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Average IQ
*Genders: 2 - Male & Female
Other Information
Generally tall, in excess of 2 meters, with great physical strength. Distinguishing facial features: a prominent bone structure, sharp tusks protruding from either side of the mouth. Some Nausicaans also have a line of four small horns, running vertically down the central line of the forehead.


Nausicaans are an aggressive, humanoid species native to the planet Nausicaa. Since the 22nd century they have had a minor but noticeable presence in the Alpha Quadrant. Whilst renowned for being frequently engaged in criminal activities such as space piracy, smuggling, burglary and "bar fighting", they have of late aligned with the Klingon Empire.


  • 2151 - First contact with Earth Starfleet, committing acts of piracy on shipping.
  • 2389 - The Gorn Hegemony hires the Nausicaans to fight during the Klingon-Gorn War.
  • 2405 - Nausicaa sign a non-aggression pact with the Klingon Empire
  • 2409 - Starfleet Intelligence receive multiple Reports of Nausicaans serving in the Klingon Defense Force


Nausicaan society is firmly rooted in violence, even their games generally involve trying to inflict pain and injury on each other.

There is little evidence of any governmental or military structure within Nausicaan society. The closest example of any form of organisation was in conducting coordinated raids on shipping.

They generally work in their own interests and in independent groups, there is no evident "greater good". Nausicaan "sightings" are generally sparse and small scale, those seen off world tend to be independent operators.

Their activities are often criminal or ‘shady’. Nausicaan services are frequently sought as bodyguards or other forms of "hired muscle" and they are well known for acts of piracy on commercial shipping.

A more legitimate line of work for Nausicaans is mining. They will often settle a hollowed-out asteroid; and are all too willing to attack anyone that comes near their territory.


Nausicaans do have Warp capable raider ships with plasma cannons, but are generally small, with no known large vessels, e.g. battleships, cruisers etc

Their lack of military & political structure is most likely the key reason for their lack of development in terms of ships & technology in the past. However, with their allegiance now with the Klingon Empire, it is quite possible that they have been granted access to more advanced technology, at least that which the Klingon Empire could trust them with.


Nausicaans and typically ill-tempered, aggressive and frequently resort to violence over talking. They will often brag and attempt to goad others in a physical confrontation ( in which, which Nausicaans would generally be victorious) Negotiations tend to be brief and ending in violence, which is what Nausicaan society is generally based upon. One should always be very alert when dealing with them. Their allegiance to the Klingon Empire potentially opens what was a race of limited resource and military & political structure to untold developments in these fields. A Klingon starship in the hands of a Nausicaan crew would prove to be a very dangerous and volatile opponent and should not be taken lightly.