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General Data
*Home System: [The Badlands, Midgar Sector
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2385, stardate 100529
*First Contact By: USS Sheppard
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Humanoid, cybernetic
*Skin: Silver-colored
*Hair: Silver-colored
*Eyes: Hidden by facemask
*Auditive: N/A
*Emphatic: Inconclusive
*Telepatic: Inconclusive
*Genders: Evidence of male and female
Other Information

History and Politics

As a political power, it seems that the Nabraithians claim part of the Midgar Sector as their sphere of influence, with a strong presence in the Badlands - an area of space where some level of sensor blindness gives them an edge. They enlist the aid of mercenaries - namely, the Krellecha and the Urechta, two clans of the Nuala species - as firepower to assist some of their more aggressive moves against neighboring species. It was the Urechta who, among others, carried out the capture of the USS Denmark NCC-64545.

Little is known, however, of how the Nabraithians are organized and structured as a society or a polity. Given that their methods resemble those of the Borg, it is conceivable that they are similarly organized as a collective.

It should be noted that Nabraithians have been observed only in small groupings - task forces on cruiser ships as well as lab teams in research facilities. A large Nabraithian grouping - a colony, a city or a home planet - has not been observed as of yet.

Society and Technology

As mentioned above, little is known of how the Nabraithians function as a society. However, they seem to place a high value on technology, namely cybernetics. They seem to be only interested in the preservation or lengthening of their own life spans through biological and technological means. No evidence of personal or private pursuits has been found to date.

Nabraithian technology seems to be on par with the Federation's. The Nabraithians use both large cruisers and small, fast ships capable of high warp, and they are able to disguise themselves from medium- to long-range sensors through the use of holographic imaging. In terms of weapons, Nabraithian vessels use a type of subspace torpedo.

Two Nabraithian research facilities have been observed: the first one was located underwater on a planet (Stardate 100529) and the second one in the middle of the Badlands (Stardate 110305).

Physiology and Psychology

The Nabraithians appear to be a humanoid species, similar to Terrans in appearance. Nabraithians have a chrome/metallic-tinged skin and show evidence of heavy genetic and technological alterations. An opaque face plate usually masks their features. It has been observed that they are stronger and tougher than the average humanoid, probably due to their own adaptations.

Psychologically, the Nabraithians are highly intelligent and coldly logical - they deem it perfectly acceptable to experiment on people and they will not consider pain relief during those experiments.


The first encounter with a Nabraithian happened when a lone ship docked at Tranquility station and the occupant disembarked, claiming to want to barter for medical supplies and data. This occupant met Lieutenant Madadh Magic, became very interested in her unique physiology and, hours later, abducted her.

A rescue mission was mounted and led by then Lieutenant Commander Mulgrave Dwi. A small team used the USS Foil to locate a Nabraithian-run space station; after a deal to trade Lieutenant Magic for medical data and samples failed, the team managed to recover the abducted officer and escape.

First contact occurred on Stardate 100529, during the first of two encounters with the USS Sheppard. During this encounter, the entire crew were captured and experimented on in an underwater facility. On this occasion, Captain Mulgrave Dwi and Lieutenant Cordova Marabana were implanted with an artificial arm (Stardate 100529).

From Stardate 110305 to Stardate 110402, the entire crew, on a mission to rescue the crew of the USS Denmark, were captured and held in stasis, a period during which the Nabraithians replaced Lieutenant Commander Kaelin Odriscoll's heart with a bionic heart, implanted Lieutenant April Coswell with an emotion-controlling and suppressing device and genetically transformed Captain Dwi into an Andorian. The crew of the lost USS Denmark were being kept in cryogenic stasis at the same facility as the Sheppard's, but did manage to mentally seize control of the systems, albeit briefly, to allow their Sheppard comrades to be revived and escape. As the Nabraithians re-established control, those of the Denmark crew who had not managed to escape to Sheppard were terminated.

The Sheppard crew managed to detonate and destroy the latter Nabraithian facility and incapacitate some pursuing Nabraithian cruisers.



Revelations Forgotten Dreams


The Science of Experimentation


Authored by: April Coswell


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