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Class L .jpg.
Naasirkha Prime
General Data
*Class: Class L (Marginal)
*Type: Planet
*Location: Sector, Gamma Quadrant
*Star System: Naasirkhan Star System
*Species of Note:Indigenous Naasirkhans (Humanoids),
*Faction Affiliation: none at pressent
Naasirkha Prime is the fourth planet in the Naasirkhan Star System in the Gamma Quadrant.

Planetary Statistics


  • Classification: Class L
  • Distance from sun: 1.10 AU
  • Diameter: 29187 km
  • Gravity: 1.26
  • Mean Circumference 99875.73 Km
  • Volume 23.12 X09^13 KM^4
  • Surface Area 4.12 X10^8 KM^3
  • Land surface area 3.12 x 10^8 Km ^3 (70.2%)
  • Water Surface Area 1.88 x 10^9 KM ^3 (29.8%)
  • Escape Velocity : 18.01 Km/sec
  • Mass 4.8767X10^24 Kg
  • Mean Density : .198 g/cm
  • Atmosphere: light, oxygen/nitrogen and a few trace gases
  • Weather system: normal meteorlogy system. cloud system, rains, snow near the polar caps, lightning and storms.
  • Temperature: -80C to 91C
  • Surface: 28% water, 72% landmass. Water sparce and carefully guarded. High levels of evaporation.
  • Lifeforms: hearty lifeforms and species that enjoy heat and live with little water.
  • Tech. level: Warp capable
  • Specials: Naasirkhans tend to live underground to protect themselves from the heat and ultraviolet radiation.


The aliens known as Naasirkhans, under influence of the Spouwwqna, came to Astraios Prime to determine whether Astraios Colony was too heavily defended for a small scale invasion. While investigating a cave complex in the far far north of of the class M planet, the aliens found traces of an ancient race. The Kiqvarr relics, over 900 years old, had no importance for them, and some were therefore destroyed or mishandled. When supplies began to run out the Naasirkhan team decided to abandon the caves. They lost a couple of comrades due to a cave-in, and the remaining few Naasirkha left Astraios. Two specialists were then captured in the 116 system, and brought to SS Astraios. Thus First Contact between Starfleet and Naasirkhans occurred on stardate 130519. On 130526 the two aliens escaped and through a series of events Captain Poison Toocool and her crew were able to establish the Naasirkhans were not acting as normal and were under the mind and body control of the Spouwwqna race. Eventually Starfleet was able to help free the Naasirkhans and a relationship between Naasirkha and Astraios was forged. There is a Naasirkhan Colony on FGC-5061382 in the Astraios Sector.


Naasirkha Prime is a heavy, Class L planet with 70% land mass. Surface temperatures can be extreme and some humanoids will require breathing assistance.




SS Astraios Mission Logs

Astraios Colony Command Logs

Historian: Poison Toocool