Moon Gene

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Moon Gene
General Data
*SIM Type: Pathfinder Research Missions
*Initiated: 110108
*Ended: 110108
*Year: 2386
*Forum Thread: Moon Gene
*Previous Mission: Previous
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*SIM Concept: Nabuleone Rhode
*Historian: Nabuleone Rhode

Pathfinder Research Mission

Mission Briefing & Objectives

After the latest visit on the cloaked ship in the orbit of Pinastri V, a heavy earthquake happened on Pinastri V. The quantum-mine and the cave below where we found the portal buried and we cannot get access to that area anymore. We will come back later after we have made some geological scans. For some unknown reasons we were not able to get a connection from the iconian portal at Sector 002 to the coordinates of the cloaked ship: "Access denied" is the only answer we got since the tremors at Pinastri V. Before we could focus our researches on the interesting and mysterious cloaked ship again and continue our researches there, a more urgent incident claims our primary attention : The Orion attack on the Pinastri System. During a full scan of the solar system we find an energy anomaly on moon Gene but due to the EM fields of the gas giant we cannot determine what the readings are. With the danger of the Orion’s lately we cannot risk anything. So XO and me decide to fly with the USS Magellan to the moon to find out what those anomalies are.

Next Mission Objectives:

- Examnination and research of the Moon Gene and fond out more about the anomaly and get better scans. - Find a connection to the Orion incidents and if there is a hidden base on the moon.

Mission Logs

Command Log :

Commanding Officer Cmdr. Nabuleone Rhode Stardate 110108

A trip to the moon shouldn´t be dangerous , usually, but this trip was. We recieved some unusual signs from the Moon Gene and need to get some scans from a closer range. We found Orion traces and an ancient rajan comm station. We decided to land and have a closer look on this outpost. Again we were trapped by the automatic defense system of the rajans , which is usual at these kind of outposts. So we had to use the phasers and after an half an hour fight arround the little commstation it looked like a junkyard. Just Lt. Offcourse was light injured and her space suit was damaged, but nothing really serious. The refiitted runabout USS Magellan is well equipped for this kind of incidents. A closer look on this little rajan comm outpost discovered that the comm station is just the top of the iceberg. Underneath the surface of this crater on the Moon Gene we detected a buried facility, excavations and technical devices and energy signatures. We found out that this ancient rajan outpost was visited by Orions , but the left nothing from interest. The Operations officers downloaded the database of the rajan commstation and we left this place.

Further activities : We will equip another away team with devices to install a dig site and excavate the buried complex to find out what kind of facility we discovered here.

Reporting Officer : Cmdr. Gijsjan Broek

Mission : Moon Gene Stardate : 110108

While UFS is at Defcon 2, Pathfinder Command decided to do a system wide scan of the Pinastri system. A big and armed team boarded the USS Magellan and took off into space. I flew us to the orbital path of Pinastri 5. We took some wide scans and we detected strange energy anomolies coming from Moon Gene. We couldnt get accurate readings due to the EM fields of the gas giant so we flew to moon Gene in order to investigate. While in orbit we detected Orion signatures along with Rajan signatures. Strange to say the least so the CO decided we landed near the spot of the readings. While on EVA we detected a Rajan Comm. installation and it appears Orion tampered with it. Geological scans confirms there is something burried under the ground and its huge. We couldnt get more info since we where geared with mostly weapons and again we got attacked by those Rajan Defense Robots. It took us a while to disable them all but in the end they stopped. LTt. Dana Offcourse got injured and the EMH of USS Magellan treated her. Cmdr. Quron Dagger repaired some damage on the nacelle. LT. Cmdr. Melina Firehawk and LT. Kondrad Hyland downloaded the Rajan database. We returned safely and we are going to plot a grand Aerchology expedition to that Rajan Colony. The expedition is called "Diggy Dug".



Reporting Officer : Cmdr. Quron Dagger Mission : Moon Gene Stardate : 110108.1000

Computer, start personal log entry...

Alright, todays mission will be exploring a moon with low gravity and a non-breathable atmosphere. Excelent conditions to test the modifications I made to my spacesuit. We are taking the USS Magellan to the moon Gene at Pinastri-8. After suiting up we headed to the roof of Pathfinder to board the Magellan. I headed to the back of the shuttle and took a seat on the coach there, to prepare for the mission. After arriving in the orbit of Pinastri 6, they started making scans of the moon, while I took a look at the Impulse Manifolds. Could be that glitch I read about in the annual tech-update. Schould be easy to fix with a simple protocol update in the main controlls. The propulsion systems would only have limited use for about 2 minutes while it resets itself. While I was working with the manifolds, data from the scans returned. It seems there are faint lifesigns on the moon, however not Orion. This is worth checking out, but we needed to get closer to the moon. Now we are in orbit of Gene. Our new scans revieled Orion energy signatures, but no lifesigns. Still the scans weren't clear enough and for better results we better go EVA. Althrough we schould wear weapons at the ready. The Orions appear to have been here, but left. We prepared for a landing. After our landing on Gene we put on our helmets and started to explore it's surface. It seems rather flat, almost unnaturally. Also we detected unnatural shapes or objects beneath our feet. Could this be a ruin of some kind. We can still see communication array standing out of the ground. It appeared to have the same kind of hidden entrance the other one had. Davido started checking the inside and discovered some kind of power generator. Gijsjan powered it up. And almost instantly the path between us and the Magellan was filled with droids. Friendly welcome... or not? Appearantly not friendly. I charged up my weapons and tried to outmanouvre them to clear a path to the Magellan, and create a clear line of fire so I won't hit our transport or the comm-post. Wave after wave of droids came at us, and we needed to keep them away from both the shuttle and the outpost. Eventually the waves of driods stopped, and we got some time to check the outpost and make sure the Magellan remained undamaged in the conflict. Melina and Kondrad started downloading the content of the outpost, while Gijsjan tended to Dana that got hurt in the arm. Nabuleone and Davido secured the area. After we collected everything we needed for now, we desided to return to Pathfinder and prepare for our next visit.

This was Quron Dagger, signing out....

Computer, end personal log entry. Save as report under the name ´ Moon Gene ´.


Reporting Officer : Lt.JG Dana Offcourse Stardate 110108

The trip to Pinastri VIII moon Gene was aboard the runabout USS Magellan. Lifesigns and residual energy signatures as well as anomalies were detected from orbit, but their analysis was inconclusive due to interference from em emisions from the gas giant. Also, a structure was detected on the moon's surface. Therefore, we landed on the moon, and an EVA was undertaken. Readings were now much clearer. Lifesigns were detected, but at some distance from the landing site, which was near the structure detected from orbit. Lifesigns were not Orion, although traces of Orion DNA were detected, indicating that they were here at some point. The anomalous energy readings were associated with the structure. Commanders Rhode and Broek identified the structure as Rajan, a comm station. Also, underground structures wre detected, which was decided would be examined with the proper equipment. At this point, Rajan Robots appeared and attacked us. We responded with phaser fire. During the fight, I was lightly wounded in the left arm. This was treated by the EMH aboard the Magellan. Had I not worn the armored EVA suit, the injuries would had been more severe,