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Office of Personnel Manual

One of the most important offices within UFS is the Office of Personnel. This office is charged with not only processing ALL member related issues but also with updating ALL member related changes in the UFS LCars system.

The Office of personnel has no authority regarding any member issues and cannot force anyone to do anything he/she doesnt want to do. The ONLY task of the personnel officers is to process requests made by the members and make sure all information is updated and gets to the people who need to know

LCARS changes

When working on the LCars (WIKI) it is important that you at least know the build up of our LCARS system

When a member sents in a change about his/her status in UFS a lot of things need to be changed.

  • Always start with changing the persons Service Jacket.
  • Look what positions the person had
  • Remove the person from the main page (be it Branch/division or department page)
  • In the position page add the name and date to the STAFF ARCHIVE for said position
  • If the person was aboard a ship, make sure to update the crew manifest of the ship/station the member was stationed on
  • Update the crew manifest archive by adding the name to it
  • Add the persons name to the new crew manifest (if changing to a new ship/station)


  • Remove the persons name from the crewmanifest (ship or station he/she was assigned to)
  • Change their status in his/her Service Jacket
  • Remove his/her name from the brnahc/division/department page if he/she was assigned to a Headquarters position
  • Put his/her name and the date in the staff archive of the position he/she held

Person gets promoted

  • put the new rank into his/her service jacket including the date
  • change the rank pip code in the crew manifest and/or the branch/division or department page

Person gets a new award

Doing the award section on someones Service Jacket is not very hard yet it does take a little more effort then just paste another image The first step is actually understanding the Ribbon rack and how its build so lets start with looking at a full ribbon rack from someone that earned every UFS award one time

Ribbon Rack Order of Precedence
Blackribbon.png Blackribbon.png United Federation Starfleet Medal of Honor United Federation Starfleet Order of the Shining Star Blackribbon.png Blackribbon.png
UFSA SuperIntendants Awards Marine Corps Cross MilesO'Brien Award The Commandants Award Starfighter Cross Rising Star
Purple Heart Marshal's Service Award Legion of Merit Legion of Honor Federation Star Distinguished Flying Cross
Distinguished Service Defense Distinguished Service Medal Commandants Crest of Valor Christopher Pike Medal of Valor Marines UFSMC Humanitarian Award UFSA Excellence Ribbon
UFSA Award for Academic Distinction UFSA Achievement Ribbon Major J. Hayes Award The General George Casey Award Spock Ribbon of Science Shooting Star
SFC Commendation Ribbon SFC Achievement Award Ribbon of Valor Prestigious Service Award Picard Award Okuda Award
LfForge Award Montgomery Scott Award Marine Cross Leonard McCoy Medical Acheivement Ribbon Karagite Order of Heroisme Iron Mike Award
Jefferies Award Grankite Order of Tactics Einstein Ribbon of Scientific Achievement Distinguished Medical Award United Federation Starfleet Diplomatic Olive Branch Medal Cochrane Award
Citation of Conspicious Gallantry Chekov Award of Dedication Gold Star Silver Star Bronze Star William Ross Award
Benjamin Sisko Award Christopher Pike Award Ribbon Robert April Command Award Wing & Prayer UFSA "Branch Name" Award Tun Tavern Award
The Brig Award The Boothby Award Tactical Excellence Silver Shield Semper Fidelis Cross Scripter Achievement Award
Relativity Award Red Shirt Award. Medical Rapid Response Award Medical Cross Medical Hypospray Ribbon Engineering Proficiency Award
Golden Heart Galaxy Award Fleet Engineering Proficiency Award Daystrom Engineering Award Combat Service Cascadia Achievement Award
Extended Tour Ribbon Good Conduct Ribbon Gold Service Award Silver Service Award First Contact Ribbon Honor Guard Ribbon
Lifetime Service Award Unit Recognition of Excellence Ribbon Unit Commendation UFS Meritorious Unit Commendation Joint Service Meritorious Unit Award SFC "E" Award
Whiteribbon.png Borg Incursion Campaign Orion's Sword Campaign Red Sun Rising Campaign Ribbon Whiteribbon.png Whiteribbon.png

As you can see, the two TOP awards are listed on a seperate row. All others are listed on a row of 6 ribbons. The bottom row is the campaign ribbons and we add new ones per campaign.

  • put the name of the new award in the person's service jacket in the award section under the last award he/she earned

example: Galaxy Award - You place the name of the award between brackets [[ ]],so it becomes a link Galaxy Award

  • put the date when the award was earned. This is basically the date that the Director of Promotions and Awards posts the list on the forum
  • check if the person got the same award before
  • if he got that award before make sure you add with cluster in the name
  • if he got the award 2 times beforemake sure you add with clusters in the name
  • look for the ribbon and/or medal code

- example: Galaxy Award is Image:Galaxy Award.png and place it between brackets [[]]

  • look at the order of precedence as to where the ribbon falls in the ribbon rack
  • Place the ribbon in the spot as to where it would fall in the ribbon rack

- example: the Galaxy award is located on the 4th row in teh ribbon rack

  • Add the name to the award by placing a | + awards name

- example Image:Galaxy Award.png | Galaxy Award and put it between brackets. This will make sure that when you hover your cursor over the ribbon image you willsee the name of the ribbon

  • In case the ribbon is earned more then once, make sure you get the cluster ribbon that corresponds with the times he/she recieved the ribbon
  • if there is no cluster ribbon created yet, please contact mike calhoun and ask him to create the cluster ribbons
  • In case the award comes with a Medal, make sure you place the corresponding ribbon in the ribbon rack
  • place the image of the medal in a gallery

- Example

- Always put no more then 2 images in the same gallery

  • I already made cluster and clusters ribbons for several awards but in the event your are missing one, let me know and I will make it right away
  • Some old awards are not used anymore so they can be removed from the OLDER ribbon rack but still remain in the Service Jacket of the person but only as a name