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The planet.jpg.
Midgar (Midgar II)
General Data
*Class: Class M (Terrestrial)
*Type: Planet
*Satellites: None
*Location: Midgar Sector, Delta Quadrant
*Star System: Midgar Star System
*Species of Note:Pre-Warp Humanoids
*Faction Affiliation: Non-aligned
Discovered by the USS Sheppard on Stardate 101117.

Planetary Statistics

  • classification: Class M
  • distance from sun: 0.7 AU
  • diameter: 11,000 km (*approximation)
  • gravity: Normal Class-M Gravity
  • atmosphere: Oxygen, Nitrogen, Trace Elements.
  • weather system: Gentle weather patterns, complicated storm produced by unusual "Mako" Energy.
  • temp.: Ranges from -2 in Mountains to 50 degrees in Deserts.
  • surface: Heavily industrialised cities located on Eastern Continent with high concentrations of Mountains located on the Northern and Western Continents. Lush jungles detected on the "Woodlands" southern-most continent.
  • lifeforms: Pre-warp Humanoids.
  • tech. level: 21th Century
  • specials: The planet possess a unique element referred to as "Mako", the inhabitants of the planet use this natural resource as a source of power. There is currently no data on this unusual "Mako" element.

General Overview

Midgar is a Class-M world that is very similar to Earth in features, possessing very similar ecological features. The largest city on the planet is referred to as "Midgar" as well and is a large circular city with eight "Mako" reactors surrounding the city. These reactors are used to mine "Mako" energy, a unique resource that has never been recorded on any other inhabited world and provide that massive city with power. The city is divided into "Sectors" that reflect social status. Most of the most affluent people on Midgar live above the "plate" which completely covers the lower "slums" of the city, most of the people who live in the slums naturally assume that the "plate" that covers their home is actually the sky and that there are no stars above them. Technologically, the planet is in a mid-21st Century state, possessing short range space travel as shown by scans revealing a "rocket ship" site on the Western continent. There is also an observatory located in the mountainous cliff region on the Eastern continent which suggested that the people of Midgar are aware of the existence of stars and planets. Midgar is an astoundingly versatile world, presenting areas of outstanding natural beauty and harsh barren wastelands. Not much of the world is actually colonised as most of the population seem to live in the major hub of Midgar on the Eastern Continent. There are a few small towns dotted around, one for example appears to actually be built into a large primitive cannon that is built into a rockface. However Midgar contains rocky cliffs, lush jungles and snowy mountains providing a varied and Earth-like environmental setting. From the scans of the USS Sheppard. there appears to be much lush botanical growth on the Southern most Continent which is commonly named "Woodlands". Within Midgar, the soil is too polluted for anything to grow apart from high concentrations located within an abandoned church-like structure and around a small house located in "Sector Seven" of the slums. Multiple variations of animal life have been detected indicating an eco-system very similiar to Earth.

Supplemental Logs