Menloan (Uskan)

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Menloan (Uskan)
General Data
*Home System: [Menlo Star System
*Home Planet: Menlo Prime
*First Contact: 110330
*First Contact By: Kinney Randt, SS Tranquility
*Faction: Independant
*Government: Feudal
*Violence: Moderately passive
*Primary Language: Uskara
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Humanus Menlus-Erectus
*Scientific Family: Humanus Menalae
*Scientific Order: Bi-Pedal Mammalain
*Skin: Varies from pale to dark in coloring that of Earth Humans and other similar humanoids.
*Hair: Predominately Brown with occurrences of black, blond, and gingers. Turns shades of greys or silvers in advanced age.
*Eyes: Slightly almond shaped, wider than high. The eye color is Varying shades of brown, blue, green and grey, including those shades that are a combination of the two.
*Auditive: Standard Auditory Communication
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Average IQ, comparable to human (But with variations at either end)
*Genders: Two, Male and Female
Other Information
Most of the information gathered on the people of Menlo is a result of an away team's research conducted on the planet's surface. The away team originated with the SS Tranquility, and later comprised of crew from the USS Veracruz.


The species is humanoid in appearance, and genetics would concur such an assessment. Without the benefit of a tricorder, the species of Menloans and Humans are indistinguishable. However culturally, there are a number of differences.


The first contact UFS had with a member of the Menlo people was an slave who was rescued from the dilithium mines on the asteroid Trellios III. Her name was Kanzi, and she was taken when still a young girl. She had already seen much technology, even though she wasn't familiar enough with it to really use it well. This, coupled with the fact that she was lovingly attached to a member of a drastically different species, made returning to the planet permanently impossible without comprimising the prime directive. She currently lives on an established colony.


The culture is fairly peaceful most of the time. There are a few bands of thieves and bandits that can cause trouble, but it is not usually dangerous for people within the confines of town walls. They are still in a feudal system, but the entire planet is not united under a single government. There are plenty of variations depending on which the group of people.


They are pre-warp, and pre-industrial. They use tools, and are able to forge things of metal. Their knowledge of microbes is essentially non-existant, as is their knowledge of any life in the universe other than that which exists on the planet. They have yet to discover electricity, magnetism, and things of that nature. Waterwheels do exist, and there is some experimentation with non-being powered devices. Still, this is decades if not centuries away from becoming a reality.


Ships would do well to remember the prime directive. While research was extensively conducted, this was with the benefit of a duckblind. These people are still a long way from an official first contact. We will continue to keep an eye on them in the hopes of meeting them in the proper capacity... someday...