Menelaus Sidearm Control Regulations

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Security Regulations regarding Weapons

Weapons on the Ship

Weapons storage

  • All Starfleet Officers are allowed to keep a maximum of one hand phaser in their quarters. This may be either a Type I phaser or Type II phaser.
  • Non-Starfleet weapons in possession of crew members are allowed if they serve decorative purpose, provided they have been secured appropriately.
  • All other weapons are stored in the ship's armoury on Deck 8. A number of Type II phasers and phaser rifles are stored in weapons lockers located in key positions on the ship.
  • Additional spacecraft capable of long-range operation are equipped with a number of Type II phasers. In larger spacecraft these may be replaced by rifles.
  • Escape pods are equipped with Type II phasers.

Weapons access and distribution

  • Access to the armoury and weapons lockers is restricted to security officers and officers with clearance Beta-1 and above.
  • Weapons are distributed by the Armoury Officer on duty.
  • In the event of DEFSTAT 4 all personnel keeping phasers in their quarters are ordered to report to the armoury to have them checked as soon as possible.
  • In the event of DEFSTAT 3 all personnel will be issued Type II phasers.
  • At the discretion of the ranking security officer on duty, phasers or rifles may be issued to the crew at any given time. This will be noted in the log and has to be authorized by the officer in command.

Weapons training

  • Security officers on the ship are required to regularly practise phaser use. Intervals are set at the discretion of the Chief of Security, but no less frequent than quarterly.
  • All other officers are recommended to practise with their phaser at least once a year.

Weapons off the Ship

Away missions

  • Standard procedure for officers going on away missions is to carry a Type I or Type II phaser set to a stun setting.
  • No sidearms will be taken on diplomatic missions, unless protocol or security reasons demand it. This also applies to any mission in areas with local law enforcement present.
  • In case an armed conflict is expected, all security officers are to be issued phaser rifles. At the discretion of the team commander, rifles may be issued to non-security personnel.

Other off ship activity

  • Crew members leaving the ship for other purposes than away missions are not permitted to take any sidearms with them.
  • Exemptions to this rule may be granted.

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  • Tlhepa Gurbux
  • Lieutenant Commander
  • USS Menelaus
  • Chief Security Officer


  • Ezra Sweet
  • Captain
  • USS Menelaus
  • Commanding Officer