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First Contact

On stardate 080809, the USS Luranza, a Redeemer Class vessel sent out an urgent distress call which was picked up by the USS Redeemer. It had been attacked by a vessel of unknown origin. Its computer core and warp core were surgically removed. A clean hole was cut straight into the hull where the components once were.

The USS Redeemer proceeded to investigate a faint warp trail and was attacked by 3 Mendari cruisers. They announced that they were on a mission to implant a government and provide security for everyone they encounter, in return for technology. After Lt. Chase Quinnell refused to allow the cruisers passage into Federation space, they attacked the Redeemer but were quickly neutralized. Their weakness was determined to be insufficient to have attacked and disabled the Luranza, so they must have been scout ships of some kind. (RED: Surgery)


While UF Starfleet maintained patrols along established Mendari borders, an invasion force was being massed within a system in Sector 351-Z. A large spacial anomaly had been detected by Starfleet sensor buoys but the readings were inconclusive. (RED: CO Log 080812)

A number of probes were covertly sent into Mendari territory to gather data and to see what the anomaly was. It was determined to be a type of portal, but all probes that were sent through lost contact.

The USS Redeemer was patrolling along the Mendari/Federation borders when it was attacked by a small squadron of heavily armed Mendari cruisers. After losing the battle, the Redeemer was towed back to Mendari space. Since sensors and other ship functions were still operable, the crew managed to launch a multi-phasic probe into the portal. The portal apparently led to the Windsor Galaxy, presumably the Mendari's origin.

The system held by the Mendari contained a massive fleet which seemed to be an invasion force. The Redeemer managed to escape and returned to Starbase 427.


Mendari cruisers have small security drones which patrol the hulls and interiors of their ships. These drones also have the ability to swarm and destroy small shuttlecraft, and can vaporise a humanoid life-form with a single shot. They appear to be automated by a form of computer AI.

The Mendari are a race who focus on their goals and the big picture but leave the details to take care of themselves. Their lack of a hands on approach to security and the fact that they did not seem to be aware of the Redeemer's presence even after being detected seems to prove that.

Due to the lack of brute strength in their ships, the Mendari attack in fleets or squads to overwhelm a more powerful enemy. This is evidenced by their need to always come in squads of 3 or more, as well as the need for using a massive fleet when attacking in enemy territory.

The Inter-Galactic Portal is one of the Mendari's most proudest and advanced technological achievements known. It allows them to move virtually instantaneously from one galaxy to another. They have the ability to close, lock, and open the portals by their command.


Negotiations between the Mendari and the Federation took place aboard the USS Redeemer-A. Captain Zed Drebin represented the Federation with Lok Mandwe representing the Mendari. The peace-talks ended in a favorable manner. Since then, tensions between the governments have eased tremendously, however, the Mendari are still reluctant to allow the Federation inside their borders without prior permission from a high government official.



History & Culture

The Mendari have had a long history of conflict with a group known as the Nevwa Alliance.