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General Data
*Home System: [Pinastri Alternate Dimension
*Home Planet: Melona
*First Contact: 110129
*First Contact By: USS Aviator-A
*Faction: They have two factions Sio's Melonian and Repta's Melonian
*Government: Self Governing. No official records on file.
*Violence: Hostile towards anything new
*Primary Language: Federation Standard English ( Learned from Starfleet Files)
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Unknown
*Scientific Family: Mammals
*Scientific Order: Bipedal Primates
*Skin: Light Green skin tone, black or dark colored lips. Both male and female melonians have a tattoo or skin marking on them. Males on the cheeks, females along the top of the bridge of the nose.
*Hair: Various, Bald. Black to white
*Eyes: Various color, common: Blue
*Auditive: 20Hz - 20,000Hz
*Emphatic: No
*Telepatic: No
*Intelligence: Above Average
*Genders: 2, Male and Female.
Other Information
Melonians are divided into two factions Sio and Repta.

Sio female

Submitted by: LtCmdr Markus Tyrellium, CO, USS Aviator-A

Name: Melonian

Home Position: Planet Melona, Alternate dimension

Class: Oxygen Breathing Species

Conditional Notes: They have a green like tint to them almost the same as Orion, however they have markings on their faces which indicate what faction they are from as there are two factions.

"Date of First Contact: 110129

History and Other Information

The Melonians have two factions the Sios and the Reptas. They had separated 20 years before the USS Aviator-A arrived in their dimension. The Sios are a peaceful highly educated and reserved faction, they spend most of their time learning and researching. The Reptas are a war like but honorable faction of the Melonians that focus more on war and conflict.

On Stardate 110219 the USS Aviator-A crew was able to assist with negotiations to unite these two separate factions to make one. It was determined that they would have to merge back as both had lower numbers as they could not mate within their own settlements. This was better for both factions to which everything turned out well.

The data and information that the Melonians had on the Federation and or federation builds and technology dealing with temporal or inter-dimensional rifts were removed from their databanks before the USS Aviator-A departure.

Physical Features

There is very little difference between the Sios and the Reptas. The only major differences is with the markings on their faces. A Male Melonian will have black tattoo like markings on both cheeks of the face, while a Female Melonian will have the same however smaller and located just over the bridge of the nose.

The Reptas went a step higher and added another tattoo on the center of the forehead just above the eye line and bridge of the nose, this is with both male and female Repta's Melonians.