March 2386

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This is a summary of the events that transpired in March 2386 in United Federation Starfleet as reported by its members.

UFS Command and Summery

Admiral Calhoun announced with great regret that Captain Cheryl Skinstad stood down as SuperIntendant of UF Starfleet Academy and Commander Peedy Thor stood down as UF Starfleet Chief of Staff. In that same announcement he informed UFS that Commodore Zed Drebin would revise his post as SuperIntendant for a limited time to foster a smooth translation of command to the new SuperIntendant and that Commodore Taylorholic Durant would be taking on the post of UF Starfleet Chief of Staff. Command was also shaken greatly when all three Sector Commanders Ensign Leo Ravenheart of Sol Sector, Lieutenant Piper Mureaux of Excalibur Sector and Lieutenant J.G. BenjaminBastian Hermans of Astraios Sector all stood down as Sector Commanders. It was a staggered event but still a blow to UFS. The second issue of the year of the Delta Communicator was released by UF Starfleet Communications Delta Communicator 2386 Issue 2

Ships of the Fleet


The month of March was not a good start for the Shogun. While sent to investigate a nebula crew members infected with a dormant parasite staged a mutiny and where for a time able to take control of the vessel. Lucky Captain Bechir and unaffected crew where able to regain control of the vessel and Dr Skytower was able to purge the parasites from the effected crewmen who had little to no memory of the event. Following the incident with the parasites the Shogun received an automated distress call and arrive at a world consumed by plague. With fast action the crew was able to analyze the plague and create a cure, broadcasting it to all faculties on the plant. The world was found to be on the verge of creating its first faster then light drive when two craft, later to be confirmed as Snakeman, appeared and infected the population. The Shogun proceeded to a plant to gather resources for the ship and discovered a new life form, Silicate Creatures (Theta-Epsilon II) Shortly after the ship begun suffering extensive system failures and was left nearly dead in space with only life support, engineering and limited science functions. The Shogun was caught in a space eddy and being pulled into a star so time was against them as they rushed to save their crippled ship. Two plans were created to purge the spores found to be causing the damage and after the crew was evacuated the spores where purged and the Shogun was able to enter orbit of a moon to make further repairs.

For more detailed information consult the following ships log entries:

Branch Reports