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Biographical information Photo
Name: Luke Spiritweaver (Unknown) Date of Birth (Age): November 19th (30) SpiritweaverLuke.jpg
Species: Human Place of Birth: Michigan
Nationality: American Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Languages: Federation Standard English Religion: Not Disclosed
Physical information
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 170 lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
Blood type: B+ Medical Restrictions: None
Other Important Medical Information: None
Other Identifying marks/Features: Eyes will change shades of blue depending on mood.
Maritial Status: Not Specified Spouse None
Children None Mother Jillian SpiritWeaver
Father James SpiritWeaver Siblings None
Starfleet Records
Rank: None Position: Unassigned
Current Assignment: None Branch: None
Sector: 001 Service Number: 530
Status: Deactivated Account 211015
Luke SpiritWeaver was the only son of James and Jillian SpiritWeaver. He was born in the south-eastern part of Michigan and lived a fairly quiet life thanks to his parents. James SpiritWeaver was a retired Starfleet officer working as a civilian engineer and Jillian was a medical doctor practicing on the planet. Both his mother and father had served on several ships during their tour and were both well respected in their divisions.

Luke's upbringing wasn't anything special until his 6th birthday where he started to tinker with various objects in the house which would lead to him getting into trouble when he couldn't put things back together. He was often found in the garage tearing up the lawn equipment and putting them back together, making modifications that he felt would "improve" the equipment, which he was half right about. When Luke entered primary school he found that he also had a knack for first aid and natural sciences, more on the biology and psychological / physiological side. After graduating primary school, Luke applied, and was accepted to the Starfleet Academy. From there he majored in applied warp theory & star-ship operations, but minored in emergency medicine. Again, his career in the Academy wasn't anything special which is how Luke liked it. He firmly believes that "a boring day in the office is better than a crazy stressful day". When Luke wasn't studying or doing school work, he was found in the pool. He was an avid swimmer and found himself at home in the water, which was weird since he was signing up to fly around space for years at a time. He was also a fan of practicing Kendo and Akido to relieve stress and work out.

Upon graduation, Luke was assigned as an Engineering officer aboard the USS Banshee. He served with two officers who would become his closest friends and most trusted advisers. During an away mission gone wrong, Luke was able to put his time studying emergency trauma medicine to use when numerous members of the away team were badly injured and there were no medical officer to assist. After that mission Luke turned to his friend Dr. Czaveicevic and asked her to train him in medicine and earn his MD. After some time Luke earned his MD and was transferred to medical, leaving engineering behind. It wasn't long before Luke was appointed as the vice chief of medicine, following the transfer of the current VCMO to another station. Unfortunately, the USS Banshee was lost due to an unknown spacial event while Luke was returning to her from some field training in viral vectors and bacterial infections. His shuttle was low on power trying to escape some scavengers who attacked and he was almost left for dead. He was picked up by the USS Elysium and served as her VCMO for a period of time before taking an extended leave of absence for personal reasons.

Upon his return, Luke joined the crew of the newly minted USS Maxwell, serving at first as a medical officer, but quickly moving to be her Chief Medical Officer. He currently serves on the USS Maxwell as the CMO, Vice Surgeon General of the Medical Branch and Vice Chief of Staff.

Personal / Professional History Starfleet Service Record
  • 150615 Returned to Active Duty
  • Order of Athena - 35 classes Taken: 170826
  • Order of Romulus, 1st Class: 180428
  • LOA 190305 - 190505
  • Resigned 211015 Deactivated Account
Academy Record
College of Command College of Operations College of Engineering
  • UFSA Class Author's Guide 160216
  • Intro to Leadership 160605
  • Effective Delegation 160610
  • Interpersonal Communications 160610
  • The Morality of Command 160610
  • The Enlisted Corps 161006
  • Intro to UFS Academy 161006
  • UFS Ethics 161008
  • Chain of Command 161018, 161115
  • Promotions & Awards 161024
  • JSM 130204, 161122
  • Ship's Management 101 161208
  • Orders and Directives 170124
  • Ship's Management 102 170123
  • Intro to UFS Honour Guard 170207
No records on file.  
  • Damage Control and Small Craft Engineering 170211
  • Warp Theory and Mechanics 130628
  • Engineering Practical 151212
College of Medical Sciences College of Galactic Sciences College of Security Sciences
  • Medical Tools of the Trade 160611
  • Surgery 101 160611
  • Starship Operations: Medical 130829
  • Intro to Medical 130829
  • Anaesthesia 130903
  • Cryonics and Stasis Fields 130903
  • Know Your Hypospray 130903
  • Know your Medical Tricorder 130903
  • Medical Practical 130829
  • Basic Medical Care 160830
  • Anatomy 101 160830
  • History of Nursing 160830
No records on file. No records on file.
College of Intelligence College of Xenology College of History
No records on file. No records on file.  
  • Historian's Craft 170123
  • UFS History II 170207
TRACOM Miscellaneous Weapons Qualifications
No records on file. No Records on file. None.
Medical History Educational History
No records on file. No records on file.
Promotion History Awards

UFSA Graduation AwardOcts ribbonCombat Service RibbonFleet Engineering Proficiency AwardGolden HeartEDC Campaign RibbonLifetime Service RibbonExtended Tour Ribbon (5 Awards)Golden Heart AwardCombat Service RibbonTask Force Karakoram Campaign RibbonJudgement Continues Campaign RibbonRapid Response AwardDistinguished Medical AwardCore Worlders Campaign RibbonCombat Service RibbonCocts ribbonUFS Loyalty RibbonSilver Service AwardMedical CrossFocts ribbonPlank Holder RibbonCommand & General Staff Development Graduate Program - School of PrimitusCommand & General Staff Development Graduate Program - School of SecondusSciFi-Convention RibbonTask Force Ironforge RibbonUFSA MedicalUFSA SuperIntendants AwardPrestigious Service AwardDistinguished Service CrossFirst Contact RibbonHypospray RibbonKaruun Campaign RibbonTask Force Interphase Service Ribbon