Lifetime Service Ribbon

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Lifetime Service Ribbon
Service Award Ribbon
Lifetime Service Ribbon 2 yearsLifetime Service Ribbon 3 yearsLifetime Service Ribbon 4 yearsLifetime Service Ribbon 5 YearsLifetime Service Ribbon 10 YearsLifetime Service Ribbon 15 YearsLifetime Service Ribbon 20 YearsLifetime Service Ribbon 40 YearsLifetime Service Ribbon 60 Years
Awarded by UF Starfleet Personnel
*Award Type: Ribbon
*Eligibility: Active UFS Starfleet Members
*Awarded For: Presented to UFS Personnel who have been in ACTIVE UFS Service for a full year or more
*Combat/Non-Combat: Non-combat
*Status: Active
*Honor: Service Award
*Period: After a full year or more of Active Service


Awarded by UFS Promotions & Awards and upon completion of period of service. Request for this is to be submitted by the member to email


The Lifetime Service Ribbon is awarded to any United Federation Starfleet Member who completed 1 year of 'Honorable and Faithful' service. This implies that a standard duty was completed without transfer to SS Abitus. In the event of a prolonged LOA or transfer to SS Abitus, the time will be reset.

Addition of award to Service Jacket must be requested by member through the email after the completion of period of eligibility.


Notable Recipients