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General Data
*Home System: [Sector 15H - Lamogra Imperium covers 83% of sector
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 2416, Stardate 180808
*First Contact By: USS Sheppard
*Faction: Lamogra Imperium
Biological Information
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Skin: Ranges from grey to blue
*Hair: Ranges from black to red but colored hair is “popular”
*Eyes: Various ranges
*Auditive: N/A
*Emphatic: Unknown
*Telepatic: Unknown
*Genders: male and female
Other Information

History and Politics

Going back over 100 years (approximately 2316 UFS calendar) the Lamogra Imperium had issues with a neighboring nation, the Torqanisian Republic. For a long time, there was a sort of cold war between both nations. Although there were small skirmishes, nothing more occurred. Then one day, a massive Torqanisian fleet arrived and attacked a Lamogran System with a weapon of magnificent power. In the initial attack they destroyed an entire moon that housed a Lamogran shipyard. 1.3 million Lamograns were instantly killed. War was declared but only lasted for a year. During the conflict, the Torqanisian managed to kill nearly 50 million Lamograns by destroying their most distant colonies.

Afraid for their extinction, the Lamograns developed a top secret research station, code named Malachite Point. They sent their most brilliant minds for one purpose, to build a weapon capable of winning the war.

A year later, they developed a new missile weapon. It was designed to be fired at a planet and penetrate the core. At this point, it would detonate. The resulting explosion would destabilize the planet's core. What followed was a maelstrom of quakes and eruptions. The resulting destabilization destroyed the planet in a matter of hours. The Lamogran launched a massive attack on all Torqanisian planets and colonies. They would blockade the planet, fire the missile and destroy anyone who tried to escape. In a mere few months, the Lamograns had annihilated the Torqanisian Republic. “This was our Imperium’s greatest victory then but our histories most shameful moment.” – Rook Elonia Mor’Nok.

Society and Technology

Few details have been discovered regarding their society except they seemed to have shifted to a more democratic government structure. To date the only interaction has been with their military. There technology level is slightly below that of Starfleet, but they do have technology such as warp drive and transporters.

Physiology and Psychology

The Lamograns are a humanoid species with male and female genders. They have skins tones than range from grey to blue and hair colors that range from black to red. It’s culturally acceptable and “in style” to color one’s hair variety of colors such as blue and purple. Their eyes can have a wide range of colors. Its unknown if this variety is natural or colored implants.


The first encounter was at the edge of a class 9 nebula on the edge of their territory. There the USS Sheppard discovered Malachite Point, a research station where they developed their super weapon that won the Lamogran – Torqanisian war. The station was just inside the nebula. Initially, the Lamograns thought it was a Federation starbase since they didn’t recognize the station. After an analysis they realized it was a relic from their past.

“Our government wanted to bury Malachite Point and vowed never to engage in such activity again. When our ships arrived, the station was gone. We scoured the area and the nebula but never found anything. This was classified for a great many years but eventually the truth came out and the Imperium underwent the great reform.” – Rook Elonia Mor’Nok.

The station appeared to be inhabited by ghost- like creatures able to produce psionic attacks against the crew. Those with psionic abilities or sensitivities were targeted. It turns out the ghost were former personnel who were stationed there. There condition was a result of unstable time displacement equipment that forced them to be trapped between two planes of existence. Many of them went made over time and were trapped in the confines of the nebula. Their psionic attacks were their way of communicating with us. An away team managed to re-engage maneuvering thrusters and move the station out of the nebula.

Unfortunately, the time displacement equipment was used 100 years ago so the scientist in-charged of weapons development could escape the death squad that came to bury them. The entire station vanished but the doctor was sent hundreds of years into the past and to another quadrant. The station eventually re-appeared but everyone else aboard was in the ghost-like state.

The Doctor was sent back to the year 2256 and was found, barely alive by the U.S.S. Moirai, an Archer Class Scout. The Doctor was carrying aboard a sentient virus. This was one of the initial super weapons the Lamogran’s wanted to deploy but were so fearful of the results they terminated the project. Unfortunately, this virus managed to infect the Moirai crew and they attempted to modify the Moirai engines to return to their time and quadrant and met with limited success. Some of the last remaining crew managed to crash the ship into an unknown planet in the Delta quadrant on the far end of Imperium space.

This crashed ship was found by one of the remaining Borg cubes and the organic components quickly became infected. This led to a hybrid race who simply called themselves, Legion. The legion used advanced Pyramid ships that destroyed Malachite Point, the “ghosts” and a Lamogran Flotilla. The Sheppard barely managed to get a signal out for help and a larger Lamogran fleet came to render aid.

In a joint UFS-Lamogran Task Force, they assaulted the Legion planet. During this assault they used their planet killer explosives to destroy the planet, and the Legion base. They fleet made sure all traces of the Legion were destroyed so there would be no trace of the virus. The entire area has been quarantined. The Lamograns assisted the Sheppard with repairs and a future diplomatic exchange is in the works.



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Authored by: Rich Lombardia