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General Data
*Home System: [Horin star system, later renamed the Labarinthian star system
*Home Planet: Labarinthia Prime
*First Contact: Stardate format 111115
*First Contact By: Captain T'Janikrel of the USS Victoria
*Faction: Federation allied
*Government: Clan council
*Violence: Extremely Aggressive to Peaceful depending on individual and circumstances
*Primary Language: Labrin
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: Labarinthian
*Scientific Family: Humanoid
*Scientific Order: Bipedal (digigrade)
*Skin: Soft Living lether like texture under oddly soft and warm fur(females), tough hard leather, under coarse fur(male) ether of the two in any combination (female) fur patterns tend to be color of one parent with splashes of the other.
*Hair: Body(fur): commonly chades of brown, with spots of white or black, mixtures of brown being the norm , while there hair is usually dark borwn and black to shades of red
*Eyes: usualy gold blue or seafoam green iris, with black pupil and sclera, the color of the iris looking striking in comparason
*Auditive: Standard auditory, greater hearing
*Emphatic: quick to sense fear and confusion from others, difficulty with other emotions
*Telepatic: none
*Intelligence: high (IQ Range 100-225)
*Genders: 3, Male(40%)/Female(40%)/hermaphrodite(10%)
Other Information


The Labarinthians are a large species standing quite tall evne the females of the speacies usualy tower over most normal humans, they are a bovine like race, reminicant of the Minotuar of Terran Mythos, facial features tend to be broad.

There bodies, are very resiliant coming from a high gravity world, being large and strong, there bodies and bones having a high densitiy, making them hard to break or damage, easily able to lift a full grown man with ease with one hand

Being bovine in nature they have large horns growing from there heads, with the hermaphrodites usually having the larger pairs then males and females in that order, there fur does tend to be brown with splashes of lighter or darker browns, or white and black.

there legs go to a digigrade stance with large strong hooves at the end of each the muscles very apparent in them, and seem built for a charge.

the oddest thing about the species is there ability to absorb energy, be it solar or generated through artifical means, they seem to readily absorb and utilize the energy to accelerate there natural healing, as well as augment there physical endurance and strength as well as simply using it to energize there systems to recover form exertion at a rapid rate, as well as making them invisible to most low powered sensor sweeps.


  • Stardate 111115 Captain T'Janikrel of the USS Victoria arrived at the Horin star system during a scientific survey of the system, scanning the first planet they found no developed species, they then sent an away team to survey the planet for any resources, as the scanners did discover the system was rich in Dilithium.

the days of the survey were for the most part uneventful, but on the fifth day one of the away team was attacked, when asked what attacked him the Andorian couldn't explain what it was, a security team was sent to investigate while the gear was stowed and prepped for transport back to the ship.

five minutes before transport could be initiated for the team the security team called in an emergency transport for severly injured, of the six security officers that where sent down, four were beamed directly to sickbay.

In an effort to learn what had attacked them, and injured so many security officers, Captain T'Janikrel debreifed the uninjured officers.

they discribed a large figure that seemed to not only be immune to phaser fire, but seemed to feed off it, growing stronger and moving faster after each burst, the creature seemed to suddenly stop it's attack and leave after the other two had not only stopped firing but tended to the injured members.

in the end the Captain went down to the planet with two full securiy teams, to discover the Identity f the creature, after basic life sign reading where taken the Captain ordered a more intesive scan of the planet, which quickly found faint life signs not 1 kilometer below there survery camps location, leading the team he searched the area, and was set upon the large creature.

as they opened fire the inteligence from the officers proved true the creature only seemed to get stronger from each Phaser burst, but it was not killing any of the security officers, instead it seemed to only subdue them, the captain then ordered them to cease fire, as they did the large creature stopped it's attack as well, allowing them to gather the wounded.

the unarmed creature only stood there, the captain attemped to communicate with it, the creature simply backing off but not looking away.

after a time the ship contacted the captain informing him that it was picking up more and more life signs as they increased the intensity of the scans.

soon after returning to the ship and leaving the system the captain filed a report of the incident.

  • Stardate 611230

a second team was sent to the planet in an attempt to study the creatures that had been first reported fifty years earlyer, upon reaching the planet they where suprised to find the planets population already well into there industrial era, and nearing there first steps into space, no doubt the abundance of Dilithium on there planet making such advances possible.

after a brief Antopological study, the ship returned with it's findings, and the report about the races startaling speed of development.

  • Stardate 030310

a second anthropology team was sent to gather updated information on the new race and upone entering the system where greeted with several flights of Intra-system ships, no weapons where fired as peaceful ngotiationswhe held, after a time the ship retuned with the news of the now offically named Labarinthians, and there claim to there home system, and an off of aliance between the Federation, and the Labarinthians

  • Stardate 090105

the aliance is now offical and talks begin on trade agreements, as well as other talks, the Labarinthians demonstrating that while there weapon systems where inferior to Federation weapons there defensive systems where easily on par despite the several years in technological development, when Breen and Orion pirates attempted to take controle of the systembut where repelled by the Labarinthian homeguard.

  • Stardate 111111

the Labarinthians are recognized as full allies f the federation, and culteral exhanges as well as colonization of new worlds for the Labarinthians begins, and carries on till present day


Reminicant of the clan system of the anchent nords of earth with actual ties to the ancent people from relics discoverd on there planet during more recent arciologocal missions on there planet

very honor bound, most conflicts resolved through a compition of some kind, on a level field, handicaps given to a disadvantaged opponent.

while there system of govonance seems unstable and chaotic it undeniable works for them as they seem to have kept there way of governance for quite some time, with barely any changes in there processes

males and Females are treated much the same, gender not a factor to ones rank or position, Hermaphrodites however are raised to be ether male or female in demeanor, though are not taught to shun there other side of themselves

social norms are also followed in the same way, hermaphrodites raised as males are treated as male, and ones raised ans women are treated as such,

Labarinthians tend to go without shirts, even now on there planets and colonies they walk topless, with only simple loincloths, as they have fur and there body temprature keeps them warm even in conditions as low as -15 celceus without any adverse affects to them.

there manner of dress not changing due to a desire to remain true to there old ways in some way even during there technological advancment


The Labarinthins only colonized there home system all fifteen planets on the system being M class they quickly populated them, and grew, but stayed to there system, which they named Labarinthia due to the large amount of asteroids in orbit around there star the largest of which where also colonized making it a very populated system.

while there technology is a bit behind Earth's by only a few years the population still trains in melee weapons, and even take pride in carrying such weapons as a mark of there skill with the weapon(s) of there family as well as cerimonial armors


Any recommendations when approaching the species, either individually or as a group

when approching any size group of Labarinthians politness and repect are to be shown, a proud people, they will give the same in turn, but if they feel they are being insulted they will not hesitate to challenge thre insulter, but will make sure it is a challenge the other has a chance of winning

if the group is biligerant it is best to avoid them as jovial fights between friends, and even lovers is common and seen as a bonding experience, weaker races are warned to be careful around them


Created by: Snuggles Blazewood

Consultant: Kermie Mistwallow