Klingon High Council Of Ecliptic Treaty

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Treaty between UF Starfleet and KHCOE.


1. Embassies:

1.1: Both Groups agrees to the exchange of Ambassadors.

2. Academy Exchange Program:

2.1: All UFS members may attend classes in the KHCOE Academy.

2.2: All KHCOE members may attend classes in the UFS Academy. 2.3: Academy instructors from both Academies may hold class lectures at the other Academy. 2.4: Schedules from both Academies are either fixed or impromptu's as desired and are updated trough the Ambassadors.

2.5: The rules and regulations from both Academies applies to all visiting members. 2.6: Dress code is the standard duty/cadet uniform with full signatures (Titlers, group tags, etc.) for both UFS members and KHCOE members. 2.7: No stealing of Academy lectures/materials from both academies. 2.8: This Treaty does not denote any implication of a merger, or coup d'etat, but to strengthen the individual organizations in the world of fandom and promote goodwill between organizations of similar interest and concerns.

This is a proposed Treaty between our peoples with acceptance of UF Starfleet Command and the Leaders of the KHCOE.


Signed by my hand on stardate 100522
   Admiral Mike Calhoun
  United Federation Starfleet

    Leaders of KHCOE
   FAdm Shadowchylde Revestel
   Klingon High Council Of Ecliptic