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Sheppard Alliance.png
General Data
*Home System: [Unknown, suspected to be within Grid Block Sector 011F
*Home Planet: Unknown
*First Contact: 100815
*First Contact By: Kinney Randt
*Faction: Galactic Alliance
*Government: Republic
*Violence: Defensive
*Primary Language: Hokkaido
Biological Information
*Scientific Name: vulpes schrencki mazara
*Scientific Family: Canidae Sapiens
*Scientific Order: Humanoid Fox
*Skin: Fur covered, shades of red or blue.
*Hair: Normally long, shoulder-length or in a military cut, a darker shade of their body color.
*Eyes: Ovoid or round shape, green or red colour
*Auditive: Standard Auditory, all females encountered also use telepathy.
*Emphatic: Yes
*Telepatic: Yes
*Intelligence: High
*Genders: Two - Male and Female
Other Information
any other information


The first species of the Galactic Alliance encountered to date, the Kitsu'Ne form a special role in the Alliance similar to the one performed by the Vorta within the Gamma Quadrant Dominion.

Not much is known of the Alliance as a federative entity. Diplomatic efforts by the Starship U.S.S. Sheppard under Captain Mulgrave Dwi has found that its system of government consists in a ruling senate policed by the Kitsu'Ne's ruling council of Inquisitors whom have wide yet unspecified powers over foreign affairs, the military, and law enforcement matters.

The species itself appears as the typical alien fox-morph. They are known to be highly empathic, able to sense the presence of another of their kind over several light-years, and in combat have used their telepathic abilities to shield allies from psychic attacks.


First Knowledge Acquired: Stardate 100815 when a Kitsu'Ne whom had been secretly living on Pinastri Prime for several years returned to SS Tranquility and boarded Starship U.S.S. Goddard as a guest to advise on a mission to the Staplin Nebula - which is Alliance territory. She remained quiet about her species and the nature of the Alliance, but did warn of their existence and helped to avoid conflict.

First Contact: Stardate 110115 in System BF-986, Midgar Sector, when an Alliance Warship under the command of a Kitsu'Ne male came to the assistance of the U.S.S. Sheppard which was under attack by Red Sun warships.

First Diplomatic Talks: Stardate 110122, aboard U.S.S. Sheppard in System BF-986, with the arrival of a flotilla of Alliance warships led by a High Inquisitor. A verbal 'agreement of understanding' was established. No formal talks have since occurred, however, Alliance warships remained in the area coming to the aide of the Sheppard and several other Federation Starships, including the U.S.S. Magellan and U.S.S. Veracruz, on several occasions before they withdrew after a year back to their home territory.


Not much is known about their culture. Because of their protective nature, the status of their 'Inquisitors' within the Alliance is held with high esteem by other member species, and to do harm to one has resulted fierce attacks by Alliance troops. In one instance witnessed by Starfleet Personnel, such an aggressor was executed without trail after surrendering. This is believed to be the result of a generalized culture among all members of the Alliance that believes that without such moderators the future of the galaxy may be at stake. It is a role that the few known Kitsu'Ne have accepted humbly.

How they would deal with a rogue Inquisitor is unknown, and the only Kitsu'Ne known to be working with Starfleet has refused to comment.

What little has been revealed in each contact is that the culture of the Kitsu'Ne themselves, while secretive, may be reminiscent of ancient Nippon. They worship a deity known only as Inari, described as male or female depending on the aspect or situation, who guided their ancestors from warring with each other, to engaging in combat in an almost ritual manner. Violations of these 'laws of war' result in harsh punishment. Once traveling to space, the Kitsu'Ne sought out others to help 'elevate' them above hate and brutality, and thus have taken on the role of policing the Alliance from both internal and especially external threats.

Thus they are generally non-hostile unless provoked and and actively seek to enforce peace and stability within the galaxy. They are not above using brute force to achieve this goal, however, such as one encounter with the Starship U.S.S. Luranza under Captain M'rosa Miral in which they had to prevent a Kitsu'Ne Inquisitor aboard an Alliance Battleship from 'steralizing' a planet infected with a Mutagenic Virus through sustained orbital bombardment to prevent its spread.


The Kitsu'Ne use technology typical of the Alliance. To earn the trust of others as the 'police' of the Alliance, they do not retain their own defense forces, warships, or weapons like other members of the Alliance, instead relying on the Alliance Navy for defense.

Due to their normally secretive nature, no Kitsu-Ne vessel or colony has been encountered, so an accurate view of their technology cannot be determined.

The personal equipment seen so far include kinetic-energy weapons, energy blades, handheld communicators, handheld tricorder-like scanners, and other typical gear.


The most important thing to remember when encountering a Kitsu'Ne or an Alliance ship in general is simply one thing: Be Polite!

They view the Federation as children whom are running around the galaxy unsupervised with dangerous technology, sticking their noses where they are not invited. One does not have to bow and scrape before them (they are moderately telepathic and thus would detect the deception and become insulted) but being straightforward and honest with them would avoid any conflict.

Formal Relations are possible, but care must be taken. They are very defensive, and as some Alliance members are outright paranoid, they tend to be protective of their charges. An adequately prepared First Contact should be used.


Information Recieved by Frostbite Pikajuna

Updated by: Kermie Mistwallow