Kingdom of Syldavia

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The Syldavians are a newly warp capable civilization in the Delta Quadrant. The capital is Klow, formerly Zileheroum, located at the confluence of the Moltus and Wladir Rivers. Other notable cities are Niedzdrow, Istow, Dbrnouk, and Zlip. The population of Syldavia is 642,000 with 122,000 living in Klow. The national airline is Syldair.

UFS made formal First Contact with the Syldavians was made in 2383 on stardate 080430. The First Contact team were Lt. Gijsjan Broek, Lt. Silkie Dagger, Lt. Blush Babii, and Cadet Ezra Sweet. A full report of the First Contact can be found here


The Empire of Gragastavia


On stardate 080610 a formal treaty between UFS and Syldavia was signed by Admiral Calhoun and Lt Commander Durant of UFS and the Prime Minister and State Minister of Syldavia. The full treaty can be viewed by clicking here

Effected on Stardate 080921, the treaty was terminated due to the continued unprovoked hostilities of Syldavia. A cease fire is in place with the following terms:

- No member of either side may enter the others territory.

- No hostilities or skirmishes from either side.

Warp Flight

On Stardate 080627 a UFS contingent led by Diplomat Gijsjan Broek witnessed the Syldavian ship сНс Чарльз гягэ (Charles Gyage) break the warp barrier. A full transcript of this significant event in Syldavian history can be viewed here

Ongoing Troubles

Stardate 090427 Syldavia decided to break the treaty and threaten UFS over an incident of an exploding warp core some six months previous. UFS command chose to ignore the threat at that time.

Stardate 090511 at approximately 1600Hrs, the Iconian Gateway on Pinastri Prime started to recieve random incoming wormholes from a planet called Deulchangil. The source location on the planet however could not be identified.

At precisely 1736Hrs Admiral Calhoun assembled and led a team of UFS Commando's aboard a covert shuttle to Deulchangil in an attempt to neutralise the threat. The active Iconian Gateway was found inside a bunker of the Syldavian Prime Minister. After some debate, the Syldavian Empire opted not to pursue an armed conflict and thus decided to sever all contact with United Federation Starfleet. Read the Admiral's report here